Baller Alert Exclusive: Chanté Adams Talks Her Ideal Date, Channeling Her Character In “The Photograph” Movie And More

Baller Alert caught up with actress Chanté Adams on the Red Carpet for the premiere of the movie “The Photograph”. Chanté Adams is most known for her role in “Roxanne Roxanne”, and was in attendance for her role in “The Photograph.”

In “The Photograph” movie, Chanté plays Issa’s mother. When asked about how she channeled her inner motherly instincts, she says “I thought a lot about my nieces, you know those are the closest things that I have to daughters, and how much I care for them and want to protect them at all costs and kind of like channeled that to try to bring out my motherly instincts.” She always states that she also thought about her mother and how fiercely protective and unconditionally loving that she is with her.

When asked about her ideal date she says that she likes to keep it chill and simple with quality time and maybe a simple meal. “Take me to get some good food or cook for me”. She also reveals that she is vegan and she loves vegan comfort food. Her idea of quality time could range from anywhere from a comedy show, the beach, or they could even travel. She says her top five places to travel if a man was to book a trip is Italy, Barcelona, France, Africa, and Hawaii which she’s never been.

When asked what everyone can take away from this film she says, “You need to call your loved ones. Somebody that you have not spoken to in a while because you never know what will happen and when they’ll be leaving this earth, and you need to get out all that you need to say, and vice versa before it’s too late.”

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