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According to SimilarWeb, an online measurement company, the average person spends close to an hour a day scrolling through Instagram. In reality, we know that a lot of you don’t even clear the crust from your eyes before you reach for the phone to refresh your screen and catch up on the latest posts from Baller Alert. Instagram is a fun app, filled with a little bit of everything from social influencers to straight-up comedy and anything you can imagine in-between. While the world of entertainment is all fun and games, some serious things are going on in the world and some awesome accounts to help keep you “woke” and informed on your communities and the world. There’s too many to list, however, a few of our favorite “woke” accounts are:

Shaun King and Lee Merrit Esq.- whenever there is news of injustice, you can count on informative posts and continuous updates from these two. With their passion for activism and the legal expertise of Lee Meritt Esq., a Civil Rights attorney, both accounts are a must follow for leading the cause in keeping us all informed and pushing to gain justice for those whom the law fails to protect. 


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The Hood Healer- California bred Imani Cohen shares her intuitive wisdom with an audience she affectionately calls her “soul family.” Don’t be fooled, there’s so much more to this page than astrology and tarot card readings. Sis will get you all the way together with tips, books, candles, live insta-stories and heartfelt discussions to help you with inner healing while encouraging you to stay woke and prepare to rise again in greatness as a people.


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Soledad O’Brian- broadcast journalist and truth teller. Soledad graces our timelines daily by dragging our twitter obsessed political leader in chief, media representatives and even online trolls for filth and we Stan. This account seeks to hold media accountable for telling the truth and not to mislead or sugar coat the many atrocities in our current news headlines. 


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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez- is truly a sight to see. The 29-year-old Congresswoman is a breath of fresh air and precisely the kind of political representation we need to see. Sharp, witty and intelligent, she’s someone to keep an eye on as her political career is on fire, and she’s just getting started. 


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Kezia Williams- CEO of @theblackupstart shares a wealth of in-depth, financial, and entrepreneurial success tips. Ensuring financial literacy, eliminating debt, procuring land, and establishing sound businesses is vital to the communities success. 


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