Baller Alert's Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities

Baller Alert’s Top 10 Best Dressed Celebrities

When you are a celebrity, all eyes are on you. Whether making headlines for a new project, romantic relationships, or pregnancy announcement, these celebrities have made it known that their fashion and style will always be the center of everyone’s attention. Now, let’s be honest, many of them may have a stylist on hand acting as a Fairy Godmother/ father, but that’s neither here nor there– just give them their 10’s.

Check out these ten style icons we know are going to come correct every time.

Teyana Taylor

We first met Teyana Taylor in 2007 on the MTV series ‘My Super Sweet Sixteen.’ Over the years, we have watched the singer, songwriter, director and dancer transform into the Teyana Taylor the entire world knows today. Her style exudes unisex as she merges a hip-hop urban look with touches of feminine sex appeal by literally bodying bagginess and oversized looks. In her reality series, ‘We Got Love,’ she shared that she sometimes swaps unisex pieces of clothing with her husband, Iman Shumpert. In an interview with Cam Newton, she also revealed that she’s working on a men’s line of her own because she likes to be comfortable and loves menswear. “It’s all I wear,” said Taylor. Newton described her look as “comfortable, swaggy and fashionable.” She shared a hidden gem stating she only shops at Army and Navy stores. As the recently appointed creative director for Pretty Little Thing, Taylor gots to create her own line that embodies her style and look for others to try.


F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S is hands down one of the best-dressed rappers in the game. To most, he’s considered a vet, joining the ranks of Jay Z, Jadakiss and other NY rappers. So how does he remain fresh and on-trend with today’s fashion? “I’m very matchy,” Fabolous shared to the cast of Sole Collector. For many, he has been their go-to sneakerhead for inspiration. His niche is matching his sneaker perfectly with a paired fit that comes together to create all those fire looks we see on his IG feed. Back in the 2000s, he would rock jerseys with a pair of matching kicks or the classic all-white Air Force ones. “I started loving shoes and loving fashion and somewhere I collectively tried to always make it go together.” Now, Fabolous is “keeping his ears and eyes to the streets.”

Steve Harvey

Before the viral fashion posts, Family Feud and his heartthrob daughter Lori, Steve Harvey, was known for his sharp hightop fade that had every man questioning their barber’s talents. Years later, Uncle Steve has the fashion game in a chokehold. Behind the scenes, Steve has a secret weapon that has lethally led him to the cover of Paper Magazine and threads of Louis Vuitton and Tom Ford. His name is Elly Karamoh. We can’t mention Steve Harvey in the same sentence of fashion without mentioning Elly Karamoh. Elly spewed bright colors in the form of color blocking and monochromatic looks that sent Instagram into a frenzy. If anyone follows the Harvey family, they’ll see that the apple doesn’t fall from the tree. The entire family has been killing the fashion game and is a force when they are all in the same room. Elly shared what he loves about working with Steve: “the sound, the vibe, the swag that he brings and that he needs to feel and understand a look.” Range is the perfect word to describe Steve’s existence in fashion over his 40 plus year career.Β 


When we think fashion and Monica, some may take it back to the chunky white heels with the straps across the toes. That was a moment in R&B history, but a fashion moment non the less. But if you’ve been following Monica on Instagram lately, you’d see that mama has come a long way from that curb in the ‘Before You Walk Out of My Life’ video. Big furs, Givenchy boots, Gucci coats, Balenciaga bags and Chanel belts are the poppin’ fashion you see while scrolling her feed. Monica is another queen who embodies her inner gangsta but manages to add a very sexy and feminine touch to her look. ‘Goonica’ has been in the game since the 90s, following the reigns of Mary J. Blige, who is not only one of Monica’s biggest influencers but a pioneer in the R&B fashion world.

Kanye West

Kanye West
(Photo by Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

Kanye West has never shied away from letting the world know that he has been fly since his pink polo and Louis Vuitton backpack days. The producer turned rapper turned fashion mogul has fought his way into the headlines and closets worldwide. He has become one of the biggest names in fashion, comparing himself to Disney, Warhol and Shakespeare and Ralph Lauren. Years ago, people were standing outside Footlocker stores on Saturday mornings waiting for their favorite retro Jordan to drop. These days sneakerheads are rushing to the Adidas site, hoping they’re lucky enough to purchase a pair of the most recent Yeezy drop. Like Jordan wearing his kicks on the court, Kanye rocking his own brand has influenced generations. Yeezy really taught you if your sweater is ripped with holes. With a color palette of his own and a distinct homeless chic look, Kanye has imprinted his brand in fashion history.


Over the last ten years, Zendaya and Law Roach have slayed red carpets consistently. Zendaya met Law at the age of 14 and described him as her “Fairy God Brother.” Encouraging her and inspiring her to be more confident and not “give an F” has allowed Zendaya and Law to create moments on the carpet that we may never forget. From the killer Met Gala looks to the cute and classy teen award shows, Zendaya has shown that she has range and is a grown woman.


Pharrell not only has impeccable skin and a face of a 21-year-old, but he also has swag that continues to evolve and break barriers in the fashion world. Pharrell came into the game with his own look, separate from other rappers and producers. He had a skateboarder image, rocking fitted jeans and tees, becoming an inspiration for weirdos and nerds all over. In 2019, Williams was the face of GQ’s masculinity issue, where he talked about being able to rock gender-fluid elements like Chanel and CΓ©line. “When you listen to yourself and you’re comfortable in who you are, you wear what you feel like fits and looks right on you,” said Pharrell in his GQ feature. We can’t forget the moment he influenced the world to cop the tall “Mountain” brim hat.Β 


Rihanna is the epitome of a trendsetter. She has taken us on a journey of new hairstyles, bold fashion moments and iconic red carpet looks. The Bad Gal has never been afraid to try something new. From her pixie cut and rocker era to her daring red hair and now oversized coat era, Rihanna wears whatever she wants. She has shown us that even while pregnant, she will remain fashionable. Since her pregnancy announcement, she has been rocking a bare belly in style, owning motherhood.Β 

Russell Westbrook

The tunnel before a basketball game has become the new runway and Russell Westbrook has made it clear that he’s top tier. In a sport full of sweat and hard work, NBA players have glamorized the game, letting everyone know that they are more than just basketball players. Westbrook shows off his looks via Instagram with a post that shows his many looks in different overalls and another post that he simply captions, “Every week something new…” Leather pants, sweater vest, cardigans and even a kilt are just a few pieces out of Westbrook’s closet. The California native has genuinely shown he’s a risk-taker on the court and on the runway, following his motto of “Why Not?”


Offset has been a silent killer in the fashion world, mixing street style with unique pieces that only he can pull off. Getting his inspiration from past brands, including Sean John, FUBU, and Girbaud, Offset feels that nothing in fashion will ever go out of style, stating, “clothing is timeless.” Showing just how much he loves fashion and street style, Offset co-signed and produced the HBO Max show ‘Hype’ where he shared his love for fashion. “Details of the pieces means so much, I look for the art in pieces.”

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