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Baller Alert’s Year In Review: Craziest Kanye Moments of 2018

Whew chile, how do we even begin to unpack the hot mess that was Kanye West this year? Quick disclaimer: If in fact there is an issue of mental instability then that is a serious concern and shouldn’t be taken lightly, not even in a joking matter. However, if Kanye is just messing around as a self-proclaimed genius and getting all of us riled up for the fun of it, then can we suggest someone to please take his phone away? 

All jokes aside, Kanye and his antics caused him to be a trending social media topic for the majority of the year. The extra attention wasn’t always positive as he gained a lot of criticism from fellow members of the entertainment community. Overall, it’s been a wild ride from wearing the Trump Maga hat, that awkward meeting at the White House where he professed his love for Trump, to beef with Drake and claim that slavery was a choice. In no particular order, let’s take a look back at some of Kanye’s most memorable moments of 2018.

“Slavery Is A Choice”

I think it’s safe to say that the whole “slavery was a choice” statement is the most memorable. Do you remember when Black Twitter got a hold of this?

“I Love The Way Candace Owens Thinks”

Kanye stirred things up a little more when he tweeted his support of Candace Owens, the pro-Trump political commentator who also opposes the Black Lives Matter movement. Shortly afterwards, he started the “free yourself from a mental prison” discussion. 


There was a bit of buzz at the thought of “Kanye2020,” which then turned into Kanye2024,” and was later confirmed to be true by John Legend. “He said it multiple times,” Legend said in an interview on the Dan Wootton Interview podcast. “I think he’s serious.” For the sake of us all, let’s hope not. 

“Lines Were Crossed”

Kanye, on his beef with Drake after being accused of revealing information about his son -which was used in a diss track by Pusha T. The beef seemed to die down for a while, but Kanye went on a rant saying that “there would never be a Drake without a Kanye West,” as he demanded an apology for the shots Drake fired on Travis Scott’s song, “Sicko Mode.” However, Drake never responded, outside of more “purple emojis.” So, it’s safe to say this beef may carry over into the new year. *insert Kanye Shrug*

Wearing a MAGA Hat on Saturday Night Live

While appearing as a guest on SNL, Kanye gave us yet another WTF moment as he wore the infamous red MAGA hat. He later justified his use of the hat by trying to explain what he felt it meant. Donald Trump took to Twitter to compliment Ye for his support while many of Kanye’s peers within the entertainment industry took offense to his antics. 

“My Eyes Are Now Wide Open”

Kanye, took to Twitter to state that he was being used as a pawn to spread messages that he didn’t believe in and was distancing himself from politics altogether. 

Coming for Ariana Grande?

No one saw this one coming. After going on a major Twitter rant about his issues with Drake, Ariana Grande sent a lighthearted tweet out to promote her new single and distract the masses from the latest Kanye drama. Apparently, Ye took offense and felt slighted as if she were making light of his mental illness although he said he wasn’t mentally ill.

Kanye also shared his mindless cell phone code and showed his ass in a meeting with Donald Trump, what other moments were the most memorable from Kanye?

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