Baller Alert’s Year In Review: 2020’s Most Talked About Celebs

As 2020 ends, everyone is on edge for next year. No one predicted 2020 would have played out how it did. We’ve endured nine months of a pandemic, ongoing racial injustice, and a political sh*show. Sadly, a lot of this has no choice but to spill into 2021. It’s no wonder we are both excited but also nervous. 2020 has been an awkward year full of cringe-worthy and tear-jerking moments, but we must also admit there were some high moments too. In no particular order, let us say who was among the list of most talked about celebs of the year.

Prince Harry & Megan Markel—Right at the beginning of 2020—January 8–the couple announced they were stepping down from the royal family. What many viewed as a tragedy, others called it an extraordinary move. I mean, who REALLY knows what goes on in the royal life? The two lived a very private “royal life” with their son Archie which drew an unfair amount of criticism. It’s admirable to see the married couple choosing to follow their hearts to take on “progressive new roles” and make their own money while raising their son Archie.

Kobe Bryant-The world was shaken to its core at the very beginning of 2020—January 26–by the death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Bryant. The father and daughter died in a tragic helicopter crash along with seven other passengers. Since their death, the duo has been greatly remembered by fans across the globe. Kobe will be inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame in May 2021.

Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, & George Floyd- The racial injustice this year ignited protests and racial tension across the nation this year. The deaths of Taylor, Arbery, and Floyd had a common denominator; each was black. Unfortunately, Taylor did not get the justice she deserved, and we still await the fate of Arbery and Floyd’s killers. 2020 showed us just how much we haven’t progressed. Blacks and people of color are still fighting for equal rights, just like we were 60 years ago.

Jeff Bezos-Bezos is where the money resides. The Amazon founder had an EXCELLENT year. According to Business insider, his net worth grew by 72.7 billion in 2020. He will end the year as the richest man alive, with a reported net worth of $184.3 billion as of December 14, Forbes reported. Bezos was one of few that had success during the pandemic; in fact, his fortune skyrocketed substantially during the pandemic. But outside of finances, Bezos faced a lot of criticism over frontline Amazon employees’ handlings amid the pandemic.

Kamala Harris—Out with the old and in with the new. Literally! Kamala Harris will become the first woman of color—Black and Asian–to take office at the White House. She will serve alongside President-elect Joe Biden for the upcoming presidential term. The incoming VP has made history! The VP-elect has set the bar high for all women, especially women of color. Harris’s accomplishment was our ancestors’ wildest dreams. Black girl magic at its finest.

Chadwick Boseman—we were all amazed by the 43-year-old Black Panther star after learning he battled colon cancer for four years; his battle wasn’t discovered until he passed. The actor continued to work through his diagnosis, producing several blockbuster hits before dying on August 28. He is the epitome of strength. Long live Black panther!

Kanye West-Kanye made peoples’ heads turn this year; first, his unrealistic run as president upset many people who thought it was some scheme to upend Biden’s run, especially since he’s a buddy of Donald Trump. And that’s just politics. It looks like the Chicago-rapper had a rough year when it came to his personal life. The public had front row seats to the 43-year-olds manic meltdown that included his incoherent tweets about his family and his sobbing during his campaign rally as he shared his anti-abortion opinion. We hope West gets the help and support he needs. We want to see Ye’ healthy and thriving.

Tory Lanez—The night of the infamous incident involving Megan, Tory, and a gunshot wound remains vague. Nonetheless, Tory has earned his space on the list of most talked-about celebs. Allegedly, people said the music industry and fans cast him out after being accused of shooting Megan. But after streaming platforms announced their end-of-the-year numbers, the Canadian singer said he was never canceled. But he still has to face his day in court on January 20. He faces a felony count of assault with a semiautomatic firearm, personal use of a gun, and carrying a loaded and unregistered firearm in a vehicle.

Last but not least,

Donald Trump—As 2020 ends, so will Trump’s “presidency.” There’s not enough room to even get into the headlines of Trump’s 2020 year. After his passiveness on the racial injustice, the concealing of the coronavirus threat—catching the virus, the impeachment dodge, and the many other antics he’s participated in, the only thing left to say is that he’s on his way out. And that should all make us hopeful for next year.

Death to 2020
Death to 2020

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