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Baller Alert’s Year-In Review: Best Memes Of 2021

We had a lot of fun on social media in 2021, diving into subcultures and sharing a million memes. 

In our increasingly digital lives, memes have become a shorthand for expressing our feelings in a way that feels both relatable and familiar to hundreds if not thousands of strangers online. And after a year like 2021, we deserve a little mindless fun and a laugh.

Here’s Baller Alert’s roundup of the best memes of 2021.

Bernie Sanders’ crossed mitten hands – Sanders crossed leg and hand pose at the inauguration of President Joe Biden, took the internet by storm. One widely-shared meme stated, “This could’ve been an email,” in response to the meme.

Some people even photoshopped him into historical paintings and photos like Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper.”

The Weekend’s Super Bowl Show – The singer seemed to have blinding lights during his Halftime show. The internet went crazy after seeing the video footage of him (in what seemed to be) a swirling vortex of warm-colored bulbs and blurred image of the singer’s face during his lively performance. 

The Twitterverse quickly ran to their phones to make viral jokes using live stream stills.

Socked Opera vs. Interested Opera – Who can forget the tell-all interview Prince Harry and his wife Meghan had with Oprah Winfrey, which unveiled some troubling things about the Royal family.

Among the revelations Meghan made, the one surrounding the royal family’s concerns “about how dark” her and Harry’s baby would be had Oprah throw her hands up in shock.

The image, combined with another shot of Oprah attentively listening during the interview, provided visuals for a meme commenting on our human contradictions.

Agnas Harkness wink face – Everyone fell in love with the exaggerated wink from Kathryn Hahn in her role as Agnes Harkness from Wanda Vision.

People first got a glimpse of the wink from a scene in the Wanda Vision Trailers debut. Since then, social media users have been repurposing it for the funniest, creative memes. Most people use the Hahn wink anytime they openly lie to friends, employers, families, or themselves.

Red Flag Emoji – 

 The Red Flag Emoji meme was widespread to the point of exhaustion. It’s still flying over social media feeds with jokes about any and everything being a red flag when it comes to dating.

What started off as a wholesome attempt on TikTok about legitimate dating red flags became shorthand for separating yourself and your interests from those with differing views. 

Kim Kardashians Met Gala outfit – Kim K broke the internet once again for her full-body black Balenciaga Met Gala fit. After the picture was released, her outfit next to her younger sister, Kendal Jenner, became a meme to represent the dualities of our own personalities.

Happy vs. sad bus passenger- 

Twitter revived a 2013 illustration that was originally meant to mean “looking at the bright side” and started using it to brighten up their feeds in a different way. Leave it to the Twitterverse to turn an inspirational picture into a joke.

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