Baller Alert’s Year In Review: Top 6 Instagram Comedians of 2018

Baller Alert’s Year In Review: Top 6 Instagram Comedians of 2018

One of the best things about social media is the easy access to talent and the easy access to fans. It’s completely changed the way entertainers emerge in the industry. For comedians, all it takes it one viral clip, and you’re on! This list is for the comedians who dominated in 2018 and kept it funny online and on stages.

Jessica #JessHilarious Moore is the #Baltimore native that has been giving us laugh after laugh with her “Jess With The Mess” segments on IG, her role on Lil Rel’s show, “Rel” and her wild antics on MTV’s #WildNOut. She’s been an open book about her personal life as well, becoming someone we could relate to. Congratulations on a great year, Jess!

#DCYoungFly has easily turned into the Prince of Comedy since his earlier Instagram days. From “Wild N Out,” to #TRL, to “The New Edition Story” and even releasing his own music, DC has made his mark as a solidified entertainer, but his sense of humor will always be what made him a fan favorite. This was definitely a great year for DC Young Fly.

#HahaDavis has taken his love of making people laugh to the next level and become the next big thing in comedy. Those who haven’t been up on the #Detroit funnyman wouldn’t even know he was the one who originated the repeated word trend…”Oh, you’re mad mad,” “This song is dumb dumb.” And his newest catchphrase “Yea that’s me” keeps his fans in stitches! Most importantly, he gives back to those in need with the #ILoveYou challenge. This guy is on his way to the top!

Who would’ve thought reciting song lyrics or movie quotes to random people in public would be such a hilarious thing to witness? #FunnyMarco did just that, and he is KILLING it! Such a small gesture has turned Marco into a household name this year and with his creativity and drive for success, there’s no telling what antics he will come up with to keep us entertained in 2019.

#DesiBanks began posting Instagram skits of his “girlfriend” dragging the hell out of him while comparing his talents to other men…to his face. Those were some of the funniest clips social media has seen, and since then, Desi has surpassed probably his own expectations and become a staple in the stand-up comedy scene as well as maintains his social media funny. He has had appearances on #TVOne and is now on a nationwide stand-up tour with #DarrenBrand and #BSimone. The only way is up now for this guy!

B. Simone’s voice and laugh are so identifiable, she could NEVER commit a crime. But that’s ok, she obviously doesn’t need to because the Dallas beauty already has all she needs to live her best life. Initially, a singer and actress, B. Simone also parlayed her witty sense of humor into comedy skits that thrust her into the Wild N Out spotlight as well. Ladies, if you need relationship advice or fellas need to learn a thing or two about your lady, she’s the one!

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