Baller Alert’s Year In Review: Viral Videos Of 2020

Throughout 2020 the world experienced a great deal of Trauma. Social media influencers and comedians have done a great job posting viral content to keep a smile on everyone’s face.  Here is Baller Alerts Year in a review of 2020 Viral Videos.


Micheal Blackston And His “Son” NDO Champ

Mike Ruga And Starring Sarah ” Stop Playing With Me”

Laughs With Travie ” I’m Going Again “

TravQue, Jim Jones, And More! ” Put It On His Tab”

Danny Duces Slaps Prince Zee



Haha, Davis ” If The Computer Could Talk”

Pretty Vee ” Waiting for COVID-19  Results”

Mr. Commodore And Stace ” Fresh Out”

When Micheal Blackston Asked Luenell To Twerk

ItsReal85Vids ” Faker Gender Reveal”

Real World Encounters That Made The List

That Guy Who Got Smacked With A Can

Trumps Star Witness

That Time ” Karen” Got Choked Out On A Plane

About Queen Tay

Nataé Robinson, Also Known as Queen Tay or Tay Yonce is an Pan Afrikan Journalist From NYC. Nataé Pledges to re-write America’s narrative for the betterment of its citizens

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