Baller Alert’s Year in Review: Top 10 “Oh S***” Moments of 2017

As 2018 quickly approaches, we can’t end the year without recognizing all the times this year that left us flabbergasted in some cases, and ecstatic in others. Whether you found yourself overjoyed about Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement or confused by Tyrese’s breakdown, here are the top “Oh Sh**” moments of 2017:

1. Donald Trump Takes Office-The year kicked off to a rocky start with Trump taking office. After multiple problematic statements during his campaign, it was unsettling to watch him officially take the seat of former President Barack Obama.

2. Beyoncé Pregnancy Announcement-She is the queen of keeping secrets but when she lets you in, it’s in a major way. In an Instagram post, the Queen Bey revealed that she was expecting not one, but TWO bundles of joy. To this day, the photo is the most liked photo on Instagram of 2017.

3. Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s Tumultuous Relationship-After becoming a couple, getting engaged, getting a reality tv show, and having a new baby, the relationship between Rob and Chyna took a turn for the worse and it all transpired on social media. After allegations about Chyna abusing drugs and alcohol and releasing her naked photos, Chyna sent her lawyers after Rob in an attempt to calm the storm. Luckily, things seem to have calmed down between the two since then.

4. Remy Ma v. Nicki Minaj-That Saturday morning when Remy Ma released ”Shether”, the internet went into a frenzy over Remy’s vicious lyrics. Her Nicki Minaj diss broke the internet and had everybody anticipating Nicki’s response, which came weeks later with her single “No Frauds”.

5. Usher and the Herpes Scandal-You might recall the chain of allegations that surfaced this year about R&B singer, Usher. After multiple allegations about Usher having herpes and spreading the disease to others through unprotected sex, the scandal left us all wondering who was telling the truth and who was telling a lie.

6. NFL v. Trump-Trump has said many problematic statements this year, but one statement, in particular, sparked an ongoing battle between him and the National Football League. When Trump made statements that players that protest should be fired, players across the league began protesting more than ever to continue showing their support for the injustices of black people, specifically surrounding police brutality.

7. Libya Slave Trade-We’ve read about slavery in our history books, but we never expected to see it in our lifetimes. When news surfaced that there was a slave trade taking place in Libya, people immediately took to the internet to spread awareness and inform people of different ways that they can help.

8. Offset Proposes to Cardi B-2017 will forever go down in history as Cardi B’s year. With her chart-topping record, new found wealth, and new bae, the world was ecstatic when rapper Offset of the Migos, got down on one knee at Power 99’s Powerhouse Concert and proposed to the Bronx Princess. Hopefully, 2018 will be all about wedding planning for the two lovebirds.

9. Tyrese’s Social Media Meltdown-Sometimes, we just need to keep our business of social media and singer Tyrese learned this the hard way. After an ugly custody battle with his ex-wife over his daughter, Tyrese began to go on rants and even had a breakdown on Instagram. While he is still posting on a consistent basis, he seems to be in a better head space.

10. Hollywood Sexual Assault Scandals – It started with Harvey Weinstein and has affected everybody from Russell Simmons to Matt Lauer. Victims have continued to come forward with sexual assault allegations against leaders in the media world. The allegations continue to shock us and have us all questioning the ethical values of those in the industry.

What’s some of your “oh s***” moments of 2017?

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