Baller Alert’s Year in Review: Top Hollywood Break-Ups Of 2017

Baller Alert’s Year in Review: Top Hollywood Break-Ups Of 2017

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Celebrity breakups & makeups are always the best storylines of Hollywood.  Whether it’s for the sake of publicity or due to some form of a love triangle, these couples have had our heads spinning all year.


Here are Baller Alert’s top 4 Celebrity Break-Ups for 2017 in no particular order:



Selena Gomez & The Weeknd :

This dynamic pop duo cane as a surprise seeing how The Weeknd’s music is dark and cynical, and Justin Beiber, Gomez’ previous boyfriend, is light and airy. Though the two seemed to be hitting it off in the tabloids and even going to Hollywood events together, things weren’t a match made in heaven. Selena Gomez was recently spotted with Justin Bieber and they are rumored to have rekindled that old flame between them.



J- Lo & Drake:

Though it was never confirmed whether or not they were an official couple, we were still surprised to see they were no longer a “thing”.  All the latest posts confirmed that Jennifer Lopez and Aubrey Graham had the hots for each other. Out of nowhere though, we see J-Lo on vacations with a new guy! No more pictures of the two emerging, plus Drake’s lyric in “Free Smoke”, ‘I drunk text J-Lo old number, so it bounce back…’, lets us know that whatever the swing was-It isn’t swinging anymore.


Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill:

This relationship in the first place came as a surprise to everyone.  Minaj and Mill started allowing people to recognize their status as a couple on social media, not too long after the major rap beef between her label mate, Drake, and her then current boyfriend, Meek Mill transpired. Things were cute and quiet, light gifts here, a vacay post on Instagram there. Then poof. She randomly announced on social media, “To confirm, yes I am single”, and the rest is history.  Neither gave a real explanation and in that case, I guess they know it was what’s best.

Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna or “ChyRo”:

You already knew who was sliding into the top 4 with grace. With their reality show, baby making, comically quizzical relationship dominating the internet, it was a devastating social media war that lead to the demise of Rob and Chyna. With Rob accusing Chyna of using drugs, child endangerment, and so much more, the breakup was a mess to say the least. All in all, Chyna was granted a request for a temporary restraining order.

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