Baller Alert’s Top 10 Memes Of The Decade

Baller Alert’s Top 10 Memes Of The Decade

Whether they came in the form of short gifs or images, memes have been a form of connectivity with pop culture and has helped create a common language amongst social media users.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve collected submissions of some of the best memes from the last 10 years. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to revisit some of our favorite viral phenoms that have given us plenty of laughs and a number of extra screenshots to fill up our camera roll.

10. “OK”: Waka Flocka Flame’s viral facial expressions are timeless and still manage to make their way around the internet seven years later. Back in 2012, Waka Flocka took the hot seat on “The People Vs.”, which gives artists the chance to respond to the comments left about their music videos on YouTube. One person wrote, “Hell yeah b*tch dis go hard as hell Flocka I will suck big d*ck team slut all day and week month year, and century I love big naps D I C K S Q U A D.” Waka Flocka’s face said it all; all the speechless rapper could say was “OK.”

9. “Sorry to this man”: Keke Palmer, who never fails to entertain, has been the center of some of the most hilarious meme’s of 2019 after the video of her taking Vanity Fair’s lie detector test went viral. Keke was asked if True Jackson, VP, who she played in the Nickelodeon show, was a better vice president than Dick Cheney. The interviewer showed Palmer a picture of Cheney on an airplane. Keke unintendedly roasted Cheney as she nonchalantly replied, “I hate to say it, I hope I don’t sound ridiculous,” Keke added, “I don’t know who this man is. I mean, he could be walking down the street, I wouldn’t know a thing. Sorry to this man.” Since then, the internet has used the meme to either willfully ignore things and people that we wish to dismiss and things we simply don’t know the answer to.

8. Roll Safe: It’s the meme that keeps on giving. How can we ever forget the Roll Safe meme that features a screenshot of actor Kayode Ewumi with a smirk on his face while he points to his temple, as he portrays his character Reece Simpson (a.k.a. “Roll Safe”) in the web series Hood Documentary. Back in November of 2016, #FootyHumor’s Twitter feed posted the now-classic screenshot of Ewumi along with a joke about starting a fight with a girlfriend in order to play video games. On January 30th, Twitter user #Trillxdadian posted the Roll Safe screenshot with the caption, “If you’re already late.. take your time.. you can’t be late twice.” Since then, Black Twitter has had a field day with it, and it spread like wildfire. To this day, the meme is still used to give funny advice that actually may get you in a little trouble.

7. No New Friends: It’s the meme that dominated 2013. Drake became the subject of a lot of hilarious moments on social media after the release of his ‘No New Friends’ video. As you may remember, Drake was rocking Timbs, a throwback DaDa Supreme outfit, and his body was turned at a weird angle in the video. The internet froze that part of the video and came up with hilarious memes, including one posted that features Drake’s ‘No New Friends’ pose on roller skates. The meme was a play off of the 2006 movie ‘ATL’ with T.I.’s character Rashad. It was captioned, “Rashad can’t see me.”

6: “New York” On A Bed: Tiffany Pollard, a.k.a. “New York” is no stranger to being the center of attention, and the epic meme of her sitting on a bed, fully clothed, wearing sunglasses while looking annoyed, will forever be one for the books. Although the screenshot comes from an episode of when the breakout star appeared on VH1’s hit reality show ‘Flavor of Love’ back in the 2000s, the meme didn’t start to go viral until 2015 when Twitter user MikeShotya posted the screenshot with the caption, ”When everyone you chilling with ordered food but you broke so you gotta act like you not hungry.” The meme represents being annoyed, pissed off, and/or impatient, and although she wasn’t verbally saying anything, her facial expression and body posture said it all.

5. “P.O.P Hold It Down”: How can anyone not find this as one of the most hilarious memes of all time, because it simply is. This line became popular after legally blind Pimp Squad member Donna Goudeau made a humorous plea to her mother while she was being arrested in 2011. In the viral video, she shouts from the back of a police car, “Hey mama, I love you, POP hold it down, Pimp Squad baby for life.” It didn’t take much time for her face to quickly circulate on Twitter, Vine, Facebook, and Instagram.

4. But that’s none of my business: Kermit the frog has been a major part of the some of the funniest memes on the internet, including the Kermit meme that includes the evil Kermit in the black cape talking to the good Kermit. However, the Kermit meme that has stood out the most is the one where he is sipping tea out of a cup from back in 2014, which best resonates with the part of us that want to say something in a given situation that has nothing to do with us, but instead, we just sit back, relax and mind our own business.

3. “Why You Always Lyin?”: Nicholas Fraser’s popular, “Why you always lying” meme still speaks to the culture of social media as much today, as it did back in 2015. The popular meme originated from a video posted on Vine during the height of its platform, as the social media phenom sang along to Next’s ‘Too Close’ song, but with his own twist for the lyrics. The original lyrics goes, “Baby, when we’re grinding, I get so excited,” but Nicholas changed it to, “Why the f*ck you lying? Why you always lying?” The viral video had more than 16 million loops on Vine, and the memes that stemmed from it still represent our feelings on people who lie for no reason.

2. “Aint Nobody Got Time For That”: It’s the classic meme that has influenced how we respond with humor to something we simply don’t have time for. Kimberly “Sweet Brown” Wilkin was interviewed back in 2012 by local news station KFOR News Channel 4 after evacuating from her apartment building that was set on fire. Her hilarious interview went viral after she gave an animated recount of what took place the morning of April 7th, 2012. After waking up to get a “cold pop” and realizing that there was a fire, and that no one was “barbecuing,” Sweet Brown said, “I ran for my life. And then the smoke got me, I got bronchitis ain’t nobody got time for that.”

1: “Draaaaaaake”: Coming in at the number one spot is Soulja Boy’s hilarious meme that originated from his viral interview appearance on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. When radio co-host Charlamagne Tha God and his crew insisted that Meek Mill had the greatest comeback in 2018 after beefing with Drake, who they claim was the, “Biggest rapper in the world.” Soulja Boy shot up from his seat and turned to them with a funny facial expression as he made it clear that Drake was not the biggest rapper in the world. He screamed, ”DRAAAAKE? DRAKE? The nigga that got bodied by Pusha-T? The nigga that hiding his kid from the world, but his world wouldn’t hide from the kid? Aubrey Graham in the wheelchair… DRAAAAAKE?” The interview led to a series of memes, and the interview garnered over 18 million views on Youtube and is the show’s top three most-watched videos.

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