Michael Clervoix III (born February 11, 1972), better known as Sha Money XL, is a Haitian-American record producer.

He is the founder of Money Management Group; a firm in which he manages a group of new producers. He helped bring rapper 50 Cent to the mainstream and has produced numerous tracks including “Poor Lil Rich”, “Beg For Mercy”, and “This Is 50”. After Interscope granted 50 Cent his own label, Sha Money XL was appointed president of G-Unit Records. He has produced singles for other artists including Slim Thug, Snoop Dogg, Paul Wall, and four tracks from a 2Pac album, Pac’s Life.

At the age of nine, Clervoix’s mother sent him to piano lessons; he would later claim that he “just knew how to play.” He got bored of playing piano and later moved onto DJing. He recalls

I used to always be up at the radio at night, so I got to meet all the underground MCs. I started putting out independents myself, had artists that I was putting out. I even started pressing vinyl myself, doing everything from produce it to press it to put it out and promote it. That’s when everything changed because I surrounded myself with people who were really striving for this and were in it.

Money Management Group, is an independent firm that markets, trains, and works our clients ensuring a stabilized and flourishing career in music. Founded in 2002 in New York City, Money Management Group is a premiere artist management company. Our roster creates a perception that spills stardom with an elite roster including the likes of Platinum selling artists.

Beyond artists, Money Management Group caters to all classifications of musicians including production. With his passion for producing, MMG Group’s CEO, Sha Money XL, puts alot of attention into finding and molding some of best Hip-Hop producers in the everchanging and competitive industry of entertainment.

The Queens’ bred entrepreneur believes that if you want perfection, attention, and professionalism find out more about Money Management Group. We aim to please and our roster breathes over 30 million records’ sold confirming success.

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