Baller Says Karlie Redd’s Daughter Goes To Clark Atlanta & Karlie’s Age Revealed?

Whether he was telling the truth or not, Eric Norwood of the Carolina Panthers spilled the tea on Karlie Redd’s age. While K.Michelle and the audience of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion tried to estimate how old Karlie and her daughter may be, Norwood took to his Twitter to tell what he “knows”.

So that possibly puts Karlie’s daughter anywhere from 18-22. How a Baller would know this information, you ask? Beats me but with Karlie as her mother and knowing how the Carolina Ballers get down, we can only imagine.

Other tea being spilled around the web is that Karlie Redd was born in 1971, which would make her between 40 and 41 years old. Considering the age of everyone else on the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, that’s not really far off. Karlie Redd’s Wikipedia page (yes, there is a Wikipedia page) could not verify this information. For the record, neither could K. Michelle’s but rumor has it K is only 28 years old.

Another rumor around the web surrounds the identity of Karlie’s baby daddy. The photo below has caused a lot of speculation. None of which I have confirmed is true…..YET!

Yes, that is Katt Williams.

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