Baller Spotting Recap: NBA All Star Weekend 2013 (Houston, TX)

We’ve posted over 400 photos from All Star Weekend in the gallery (You can click HERE to see). As you can imagine it was a very eventful and busy weekend for Boss and I. Here are some of our own personal collection of photos while in Houston. This is a small collection of photos that we were able to actually snap while in the mix of things! Enjoy 🙂


Thursday night I got to party alongside Mr. Jones (Nas) at EI8HT Lounge. Wooo he fine!!


Michael Jordan’s 50th Birthday party was epic. Bos spotted Jay Z, Beyonce, Lebron, Carmelo & Lala, Chris Paul, Ludicris, Chris Bosh  just to name a few. R Kelly performed all his hits and the DJ was jamming on the one spinning old school music for most of the night. Contrary to what you may hear, Raqi Thunda was not the DJ.  Heard Oprah was there but I didn’t see her. Everyone was dressed to the nines and having a great time. In the pic you can see Lebron and MJ having a convo.


MJ’s birthday cake was the epitome of Ballerific!



The club wasn’t the only place to spot a Baller. As usual, the Ballers were out collecting their free goodies at the Beats by Dre gifting suite. Just like last year, this was the place to be if you wanted to meet Ballers in an exclusive and lowkey environment. It was invite only however, so you have to know someone. Beats By Dre was gifting exclusive West vs East headphones as well as custom Pill speakers. Check out Fabolous pictured above with his Brooklyn Nets Studio headphones.


I got to meet Desean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles and a couple of his cute friends. Hey Boos!


New York Giant Victor Cruz and Boxer Andre Berto were in the building!


Ace Hood and Mack Maine stopped by


Singers Adrienne Baillon and Ravaughn were in the house


Tristan Thompson of the Cleveland Cavaliers was looking good at the Beats by Dre Suite



Trina was spotted at Compund getting her party on in a low key camouflage get up.


My, Quincy is looking good these days!


Kenny Burns and Nelly were also at Compound


Houston All Stars Z-Ro and Slim Thug were just two of the artists who were interviewed for the special edition Sway In The Morning show held at SF2 Clothing Store in Houston. Meek Mill also stopped by to give an epic freestyle, video coming soon.


When in Houston, you do as the Houstonites do! The Galleria Mall was the place to be for those who didn’t want to spend money and would rather go celebrity spotting. Thousands (no exaggeration) packed in to the mall to the point where they had to shut it down. While I was there I decided to stop by Johnny Dang (TV Johnny) and Paul Wall’s jewelry store for my very own diamond grill. I figured why not? If Ryan Lochte and Christina Milian can do it I’m sure I can pull it off. I’ll show pics of the finished product soon! Thanks for the love Paul, Johnny and C-Stone! My inner ratchet is so pleased 🙂


Saturday night at Studio Live T.I. and Trey Songz were in the building!


If you wanted to find something to do during the day, you could party at Belvedere for their day party hosted by JR Smith and Kenny Burns. That’s what Meek Mill did.


Trinidad James stopped by the Houston Sneaker Summit on behalf of Reebok


Teyana Taylor was also at the Houston Sneaker Summit showing off her new adidas sneakers. She had her new BFF Kerrueche by her side


Lastly, the NBA Jam Sessions went on the entire week. This is a great, family oriented place to take the kids, play games and even meet some Ballers. After an extremely long day I decided to stop by and see what all the fuss was about. While there James Harden, Kobe Bryant, Serge Ibaka and more were in the building and that was just 15 minutes of me walking through the door. For $30 this is going to be a fun little All Star tradition for me.


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