Baller Talk: Lyrica Anderson Talks Her New Baby, Her New EP, “Strength,” and “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” Drama and Regrets: “I Started Realizing Some Of Your So-Called Friends Will Do Anything For That Clout or Check or Whatever”

On Thursday, “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star, Lyrica Anderson, sat down with Baller Alert to talk all things Lyrica, from the birth of new Baller Baby to the release of her new EP, “Strength,” and everything in between.

Just six days prior, the reality star welcomed a healthy baby boy with her husband, A1, and opened up about the “super scary” complications she suffered after birth.

“I was really scared,” Lyrica said, adding, “the epidural was the scariest part, for me, cause when they did that and the whole half of my body went numb and I’ve never experienced that, that was like super scary for me.”

“Then after I think I was a little allergic to the morphine, maybe even the epidural cause I couldn’t stop shaking, and itching,” she continued. “I had a fever after he was born, it was really scary. But, at the end of the day it’s all worth it.” 

“He’s aboslutely beautiful and his eyes are gray,” Lyrica added, just before she explained how she and her husband came up with the name, Ocean Zion Bentley. 

“I really love the water, my mom is obsessed with the water. I just feel like it represents eternity,” she said, adding that A1 came up with Zion. But, when it comes to showing off her baby to the world, she said, “soon.” 

From there, Lyrica opened up about “Love and Hip Hop,” and how the drama and the rumors surrounding her interactions with Safaree affected her real life relationship with her husband.

“Prior to filming, I didn’t know a lot of things were going to happen,” she said. “A1 and I have been glued at the hip since we met and our first big blow out happened in public, so it’s like, that was so not expected and kind of embarrassing for me.” 

“We were having a little bit of problems with arguing and stuff, and we had this big fight and he left and I wanted him to leave and we basically split up for a little bit,” she said, adding, “next thing you know, the cameras were at our house.” 

“So it was really hard. I didn’t know I was pregnant either around that time so I couldn’t understand why I was so mad and emotional, so no, I didn’t know,” she said of the Safaree rumors being added into the storyline. “I started realizing some of your so called friends will do anything for that clout or check or whatever.” 

Amid the drama though, the couple produced a beautiful baby boy, so when it comes to regret, Lyrica said she just regrets that she and A1 ever split up in the first place, and not nipping the Safaree rumor in the bud from the beginning. 

But, being that the rumor dragged out the entire season and ultimately caused an even bigger rift between the families, Lyrica revealed that she’s unsure that her mother and A1’s mother will ever get along at this point. 

“A1’s mom and my mom don’t get a long,” she said. “They still don’t get along I don’t think they ever will. Even at my birth they had to come visit him separately and it really broke my heart that it had to be that way.” 

“I didn’t have a big family, my twin sister passed and it’s always just been me and my mom,” she said. “I always wanted that closeness of family and stuff like that and it’s like, over here it don’t exist that way.” 

But now, all parties have apologized for the drama that unfolded on the show, and although she said A1’s mother Pam flipped the script when the cameras were rolling, she has since made amends and everyone has moved forward. In fact, Lyrica has used the opportunity to put the pain from the drama into her music, which is why she named her EP “Strength.” 

Check out the full interview below:

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