Ballerific Beauty: How Yogurt Can Do Wonders For Your Hair

Yogurt doesn’t only taste great and do wonders for your digestive system, it actually has some great effects on your hair as well. Who knew that a little Yoplait could take your hair from dry and brittle to soft and conditioned? Check out a blog from my girl Billi, a hair expert who could teach you a thing or two. 

Ladies, a tub of yogurt can twerk MAGIC into your hair. If you suffer from dry, brittle strands, yes, a few scoops of yogurt can slide you into hair heaven. No, don’t go buying the strawberry banana flavored yogurt lol make sure it’s non flavored, and preferably organic.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Before shampooing, massage the yogurt into your hair, making sure to rub on your scalp. (side note: massaging your scalp circulates the blood flow, promoting hair growth)
  2. Wrap your hair into a plastic cap (I personally prefer using Saran wrap)
  3. Sit under a dryer for a good thirty minutes (at least)
  4. Proceed to shampoo

Do this once a week, if u have thick, coarse hair, twice every other week if it’s fine, and you should see an incredible difference in texture overtime. And if you REALLY want softer hair, add some honey to that yogurt.

Also….yogurt is a great skin conditioner/moisturizer! Besides adding softness, it helps with premature aging, sunburn, discoloration, and acne.

So after you are done with slopping that yogurt into your hair, massage some onto your CLEAN face (you can add honey and pure lemon juice to this), and watch your soul (skin) glow!

Its great for ALL skin types and I recommend using it only once a week.
*the dryer your face is, add honey. The more oily your face is, and lemon juice.

Sooooo happy soft hair and skin to you!

Read more from Billi over at Yo William!

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