Ballerific Beauty: Moisturizing With Unicorn Root

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Everyone in 2017 was “channeling their inner unicorn” in so many words. Now there is a way for you to actually channel some unicorn into your system!!


Scientists have discovered a new use for a plant called Aletris Farinosa, or “True Unicorn Root” (not to be mistaken with “False Unicorn Root,” which is actually a thing). Studies have shown that this product helps the production of estrogen levels in the body which correlate to the collagen and elasticity of a woman’s face. Using True Unicorn Root can help you get rid of wrinkles, harsh lines, and other skin pigmentations accounted to estrogen.


This is a delicate product and is only available in the eastern hemisphere of North America. It was said to have been used by native Americans to help women with fertility, ovarian issues during pregnancy, stomach pains and more.
Today, Visha Skin Care has decided to use True Unicorn Root in one of its new 4 – in – 1 rejuvenating moisturizers. It is apparently safe to use on the face and the outer vaginal areas.
“True unicorn root, or Aletris farinosa, is a root that has been used by herbalists for centuries. The root has estrogen-like properties and can help counteract the effects of estrogen loss in the skin when used topically,” the board-certified dermatologist and creator of Visha Skin Care,
Dr. Purvisha Patel told HuffingtonPost.
So far there are not many cosmetic products with True unicorn Root as an ingredient, but once the world gets word about this organic alternative to wrinkles and vaginal dryness, there will be a lot more of these products on the shelf.

Would you try moisturizing with the True Unicorn Root?

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