Ballerific Chick: Simone "Boss Lady" Amelia Launches Limited Edition Sneaker

Ballerific Chick: Simone “Boss Lady” Amelia Launches Limited Edition Sneaker

It’s always great to see women doing big things. It’s even more awesome when it’s someone you have the pleasure of knowing. Media personality Simone Amelia a.k.a. “Boss Lady,” on‐air talent for Hip Hop Nation (SiriusXM Radio) and Lifestyle Manager for online retailer, is gearing up for the limited edition release of her “Classic Beat” signature sneaker with Reebok Classics.  She is one of just 5 women women chosen for this campaign.


I love sneakers. You obviously can’t wear high heels EVERY day. One thing I love about Reebok is their themes. When Alicia Keys launched her sneaker with Reebok, you could easily tell the theme was New York and her faithful piano. Boss Lady’s theme is a bit more subtle.


“The inspiration behind the Reebok shoe I designed is my favorite cartoon heroine, Princess Jasmine. I see a lot of myself in the character: a strong, passionate woman of Middle Eastern descent striving to maintain a balance between the fast-­paced, crazy world of entertainment I exist in while holding on to tradition and being a role model for young women.”

The “Classic Beat” sneaker definitely reminds me of Princess Jasmine. The smooth tanned leather, jewel embellishment and tiger print shoe lace are just a few of the small details that bring the look together.



Boss Lady was born in Australia and is of Lebanese decent. She moved to the United States only 5 years ago. She’s definitely a huge inspiration showing that you can do whatever it is you set your mind to with a little work. It’s awesome that Reebok has not only given her a shoe, but also donated to a Youth At Risk organization which is close to her heart.

“Reebok Classics believed in me as a media personality and committed to not only producing a ‘Boss Lady’ shoe this year, but also donated $10,000 on my behalf to the incredible people at Youth At Risk.
Things like that make my heart smile.”


If you are as excited as I am about this hot sneaker, you’ll have to wait just a little while longer to get your hands on it. Reebok won’t be dropping this one until October. The shoe will be available at and WISH in Atlanta. Stay tuned!

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