Ballerific Fashion: Five Bodysuits That Will Hug Your Curves

Ballerific Fashion: Five Sculpting Bodysuits That Will Hug Your Curves

Bodysuits are so easy and can elevate any look. Though they are easy, it doesn’t mean you feel your best in them. Sometimes bodysuits can accentuate all your worries but don’t worry. These sculpting bodysuits will only hug your curves.

And because these are sculpting bodysuits, the prices match the quality.


Skims Sculpting Bodysuit with Snaps: $62.00

The Skims bodysuit is super popular, so popular that it’s always sold out. The bodysuit hugs the curves and is big for the size, so size down before ordering. The bodysuit retails for $62.00. 


Mat de Luxe Form String Bodysuit: $215.00

Wolford’s bodysuits have always been that girl. The famous bodysuits trended on social media a while back; now, everyone wants to get their hands on them. The bodysuit retails for a whopping $215.00. 


Thinstincts Panty Bodysuit: $68.00

Of course, the inventor of shapewear, SPANX, launched a bodysuit that fits amazingly. The site has other varieties. What’s good about this bodysuit is its panty line, which means it holds in place as your underwear would. These bodysuits are cheaper than others at $68.00. 


Doctored Form Shape Wear Bodysuit: $59.00

Swank-A-Posh’s bodysuits are really for girls with extra curves. The shapewear is classic and super comfortable. The bodysuit retails for $68.00.


PowerConceal Ultra Comfy Body Shaper: $61.50

Shapellx offers a variety of bodysuits that are also comfortable. The bodysuit retails for $88.00 usually but is on sale for $61.50. You better get it while you can. 

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