Ballerific Fashion: Varsity Jackets Are Popular Again

Ballerific Fashion: Varsity Jackets Are Popular Again

The once-beloved jackets high school and college athletes would traditionally wear are back in style.

It was very popular in the 90s and early 2000s, making a wave in fashion but fizzling out very soon. Now the varsity jacket is back, and you may see it more in different variations. From quilted to silk, the varsity jacket is back and different.

It’s not the same stubborn material that is so stiff. It’s flexible, it’s durable, popular again and reimagined.

Check out some variations of the once-sporty varsity jacket:

Smoke Rise Unisex All Star Varsity Jacket: $105.00
AZALEA WANG Satin Quilted Varsity Jacket: $67.48
iets fran Varsity Jacket: $124.00

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