Ballerific Health – Guide To A Ballerific Body: Cheat Day

We all have cravings. Whether it be for pizza, chocolate, burgers, whatever, we all have them and they seem to be their strongest when we’re dieting. Well guess what? On your journey to achieve the Ballerific body of your dreams you can still have these things….within reason. This is when you cheat day comes in. Cheat days are actually good for you because it stops your body from hitting a plateau. Here are some rules to help you have a successful Cheat Day without ruining your weight loss plan.

1. Don’t cheat all day! Just because its called a “Cheat Day” doesn’t mean you have 24 hours to eat whatever you want. Pick 1 meal, 2 at the most, to indulge in. Mine are usually Breakfast and Lunch. I love Steak Biscuits, so on my cheat day I pick up one on my way to work. For Lunch I usually have Japanese or a Burger with Fries. I still keep my healthy snacks throughout the day and have a sensible dinner. Though I usually have a glass of wine with my Dinner. You can choose any meal(s) you like but no more than 2.

2. Get a good workout in! Whether its the day before or the day of, you won’t feel as guilty about overindulging if you know you got a good calorie blasting workout in. Example: If one day I do BodyPump in the morning and Zumba at night that day or the day after will be my Cheat Day. I would have burned over 1, 000 calories that day so I’m sure a slice of pizza wouldn’t hurt.

3. Make it 1 Day! You can’t have a Cheat Day every other day, nor can you have a Cheat Week! That defeats the purpose of the diet. Pick one day out of the week to be your Cheat Day. A Saturday or Sunday may be the easiest, but not both! On our journey to get Ballerific Bodies Cheat Weeks and Cheat Weekends are unacceptable! We have to stay focused on our goals and and not let the sweet smell of freshly baked cookies throw us off.

Choose a day, and look forward to it. Think of it as your reward for sticking to your plan all week and staying disciplined. When the day comes don’t feel guilty or bad about it. Enjoy it! You earned it!

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