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Diet is a scary word but in order to lose weight you have to diet. I have wrote a few personal blogs on my weight loss journey. It’s been over a year later I’m still on it. I have realized it’s not a temporary thing but a lifestyle change. I mess up then I get right back on track.

With summer around the corner a lot of us want to fit into that polka dot bikini so we go into overdrive with the crash diets. I’m here to tell you don’t do it. If you are not ready yet for summer then start getting ready for next summer because losing weight and looking good takes time. It does not happen over night.

Here are a few tips that help me get started:

You have to know your weight loss goals. For months I worked out in the gym and thought I was eating right. I went down in inches but not pounds. I thought something was wrong with me until I went to a weight loss center. The doctor taught me how to eat right, and reduce calories so I could lose weight. Losing weight is not rocket science. It’s simple math and science. If you are overweight or obese and you have tried to lose weight and haven’t succeeded go to a weight loss center. Pay for no more than two sessions. Once they teach you the basics you can do it on your own. 

Exercise. You don’t need to join a gym right away but walk into of driving. Take the steps instead of the elevator. I switched it up. I signed up at a boxing gym, I set a goal to do a 5k and completed it, and I took almost every class offered at the gym in my building.

You have to commit to the goals you set. When I dropped the bulk of my weight I cut out a lot of fatty foods, I didn’t go out to socialize, and I worked out everyday. I know not going out to socialize is over the top but I had to do it. When i go out I love to drink and eat so I had to stay in to fight the temptation.

Are you ready? Get Set.. GOAL

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