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For @metamorphosisinva it was all about taking things one day at a time. I was very unhappy with how much energy I lacked on a daily basis. It was always a struggle just to carry out simple routines like climbing the stairs. Most days I lacked the energy to interact with my children after I got home from work. My self esteem was eroding as well. I didn’t want to shop in the “plus size” stores but that was my only option, and I knew if I continued on the path I was on, my unhealthy habits would have a harmful effect on my children.

I have a family history of obesity, heart attacks, and diabetes, and I was about to pass this very tradition on to my own family. That scared the hell out of me. I was ten pounds away from being 300 pounds at the age of 30. So I decided I had to lose weight.

I tried Weight Watchers. I learned to choose fulfilling foods and the importance of portion control. I eliminated soda and sugar from my diet-and the weight started dropping off. I started exercising three to four days a week performing cardio exercises first and then incorporating strength training. .

Eating appropriate portions-not the ones you see in restaurants-but enough to make me feel satisfied and not overly full was key. I limited my “treats” to Saturdays only, to reward myself for doing well throughout the week. Soon I started rewarding myself with new clothes instead of food.

My weight loss goal was to lose 100 pounds, and currently I have lost 70. I am still pursuing my goal, but once I reach it, I won’t stop eating healthily because I want to maintain this weight.

My advice to someone who is going through the same situation: If you are not mentally prepared to lose weight, you won’t be physically prepared. Make up in your mind and know that quitting is not an option. It will be hard, but it’s worth it! Take one day at a time. It won’t happen overnight.

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