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I can’t begin to tell you the amount of horror stories I’ve heard about women’s private areas; from pungent odors, to horrible maintenance, I’ve literally heard it all. Some stories are so awful; they’ve made me embarrassed to be an owner of a vagina myself. So, I felt it my civic duty to discuss the importance of keeping your kitty pretty. Ladies, this is extremely important, and not for some man either, but for your own sake. Think about how much pride you take in your hair, making sure it looks and smells good at all times, you should take the same amount of pride in your Kitty.

 Let me show you how:


How you decide to groom your Kitty, is completely up to you. Some like no hair at all, a landing strip, a low cut, or even completely hairy. Whatever it is, keep it looking neat and clean with the various grooming options made available to us. We have the option of waxing, shaving, or laser removal, all extremely effective in keeping your Kitty looking neat. Even if you want to keep all of the hair, get rid of the stray hairs that tend to grown on your thighs, or up your belly; neatness is key.


Your Kitty will never be completely odor free; each vagina has a mild scent, that is specific to every woman, and that scent varies slightly depending on diet, weight, hygiene, health condition, and even genetics. So its vital to make sure you keep a balanced diet, wash thoroughly and maintain a healthy weight. But, if you notice a strong and unpleasant scent, that may be a sign of infection, or a more serious issue that requires a doctor. However, with regular check up’s and proper daily maintenance, odor shouldn’t be too hard to avoid. (Side note: Keeping feminine wipes on hand will also help fight odor, and keep you fresher for longer)


Tasting bad, can be just as embarrassing as smelling bad, I mean imagine the embarrassment if your man goes down on you, expecting to feast, only to have his appetite ruined. Well, the way you taste Is directly affected by your PH balance, and is much like odor, specific to every woman. Therefore, maintaining a healthy diet is one of the best ways to improve your overall taste. However, there are a few things to avoid specifically, that have been scientifically proven to make your Kitty taste bad like, drinking and smoking, and consuming foods high in alkaloids such as dairy products, garlic and red meat. To make sure you’re Kitty tastes good, ladies should take a probiotic (look it up, it’s like gold for vaginas), eat lots of fruits, and yogurt!

 A pretty kitty is extremely important, especially if you are sharing it with others, but most importantly, for your own personal health, and for the sake of being a woman. Even if you don’t have a spouse, or someone to have sex with, it is essential that you keep everything balanced down there. Any major changes in odor, taste, or look, can mean something far more serious than an embarrassing sex story. So ladies, I challenge you to pay more attention to your K5itty, and take care of it like you do your hair, nails and everything else that makes us beautifully unique!

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