Ballerific Health: She Stayed Motivated to Help Save Others

For @TrainPrettyWithChas getting fit became more about helping others then helping herself. Here is her story. My name is Chasity, but everyone calls me CHAS and I am a Nurse. I felt as a nurse it would be a contradiction to give health and diet advise to my patients when I myself was not following my own advice. My turning point came when I tried to wear my favorite pair of  jeans and I could barely pull them up over my hips.  Grudgingly  I stepped on the scale and it read 176 lbs.  While that would be nice on some, it did nothing to flatter my 5’3” frame. At that moment I felt unattractive and sloppy.

I joined a local gym and I lived there for 5-6 days a week. I felt like giving up plenty of days; after only losing 10 lbs.  In 6 months it became very hard to stay motivated. I could not understand how someone could exercise daily and not lose  weight. I was under the assumption that I could just modify what I ate and I would still lose weight. After not losing an appropriate amount of weight in 8 months I started researching, I found out that clean eating is the best way to go! Now I live by clean eating and continue to get results. 

The moment a lady told me that I was inspiring her to work-out & live a healthier lifestyle, was the moment that I stopped considering giving up. Inspiring others became my drive and my motivation to keep pushing, because I was not only pushing for my health and  wellness, but I began pushing for theirs, as well. Health and Fitness has become my way of life.  Unexpectedly, I found a work-out that I LOVED, I loved it so much that I became licensed to teach Zumba. My goal is to inspire as many people that I can through my journey while reaching out to help others. I am now a Fitness Instructor, Fitness Coach, and the owner of Train Pretty with Chas! 

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