After the twit-stalking and twitter jumps from the Baller Alert girls to Mr. Kerry Rhodes, he finally decided to give us an interview.

Check out what he had to say:

1. What do you do during off-season? Where do you reside?

Off season I just like to lay back and chill out! The season gets so hectic and tense, so when im away from it I like to be worry free.

2. The ladies of Baller Alert wants to know if you are single? What do look for in a woman?

What I look for in a woman is someone that I’m attracted to first and foremost! Doesnt mean she has to be a beauty queen but someone that has something that draws me to that person! Then after that she has to keep me engaged so she has to has some intellect as well.

3. What happened with you and Jennifer Hudson?

lol Me and jenn are friends that situation was taken way out of context! She supported the things I did and I support all the things she does as well! She’s a great girl!

4. What is the craziest thing a woman has done to get next to you?

The craziest thing a girl did was walked up to this booth I was at back in alabama and tried to kick everybody out of the room to be with me and was stripping down! It was weird cuz she didnt have to she was good looking! lol

5. What is the difference between a groupie and a fan?

The difference I think is that a fan really cares about what it is your doing that they like or make them take interest in you and a groupie really doesnt care what you do but what they can attain from knowing you or being around you!

6. Since our site focuses on ballerific things…What is the most expensive item you have purchased other than your home?

My moms house I would have to say back in alabama! Lol but I do have a real serious drop top phantom im eyeing right now!!!

7. What is your favorite car to drive?

My baby the range rover

8. What is the most generous gift you have purchased for a female?

The most generous gift I would have to say is my moms Mercedes and since she got that she can be seen riding through the streets with her windows down flossing!! And also a diamond necklace for a lady friend back in the day.

9. Do you have male groupies? How do you deal with them?

The male groupies sometimes can be the worse because your not looking for them and especially in new york because they come in forms of people like; party promoters and stuff like that! I think age has made me more apt to handling them! no biggie.

10. What is next for the Kerry Rhodes Foundation?

Well I do a lot of mini things but we are working on a big weekend in ny or miami still working out specifics but I want everyone to stay tuned for the specifics.

11. What is next off the field for you?

Well movies are next for me I have things lined up with that but its hard right now with all my efforts and focus on football, but i’ll let yall know I have some big and interesting things coming for you all to see!

12. Iphone or Blackberry?

Crack berry I mean Blackberry lol

13. Boxers or Briefs

Boxers need a lil freedom!

Baller Alert wants to thank Kerry for taking the time to do the interview! I take back everything I said about you…LOL


***cues up the damn you Fine halle berry Kerry Rhodes song***

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