Ballerific Relationships: Are You Happy Or Simply Comfortable?


In a relationship, it’s easy to fall into patterns of comfort. When do you know that your relationship is over and its time to move on? Well, you’re no longer happy, you’re comfortable. We stay in relationships that are more about comfort than they are about being happy. We stay where we are no longer excited, no longer in love to avoid the petrifying unknown. Some of us look over at our significant other and wonder how we ended up with that person in a loveless relationship. There is a difference between being happy and being comfortable in a relationship. While one might resemble the other, being happy and being comfortable are two different things. Comfortable almost seems complacent with what you have. Being happy means you still get those jitters in your stomach when you’re with your significant other.

When you’re in a relationship for comfort, because you’re used to being around this person, you aren’t living anymore. You no longer have butterflies swarming your soul, you no longer anticipate their touch. You are just existing. In a relationship of comfort, eventually you will suffocate. You will start to resent this person because the relationship you have with them no longer brings you joy. When you’re in a happy relationship, you cant imagine your life without your significant other. You would do anything to be by their side. Anything to feel their touch, their love, their affection. You stay in this comfortable relationship because you simply do not want to try all over. The unknown is a scary place and why would you want to start all over? Single life isn’t easy. Actually, it can be quite dreadful. But being in an unhappy relationship is worse.

Being happy consists of laughter, shared dreams, growth, shared plans and goals. It means calling someone because you want to hear their voice. It means anticipating their touches and living as though every day together is an adventure. It means butterflies and smiles at the sound of their voice. It means communication and compromise. Being comfortable is calling because you need to check in. It means boredom and a lack of excitement. It means having to keep the façade of your pretend relationship. Face it, a comfortable relationship is nothing but a lie.

Being happy might be scary, but is it better to not know? Is it better to stay where you are no longer living? Life is full of possibilities, don’t stay in a situation that no longer allows you to live but forces you to wither away miserably.  You’ll never know what truly happy is until you try.

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