Ballerific Relationships: But You Say I'm Just a Friend....11 Situations That Shows You Have Been Friend-Zoned

Ballerific Relationships: But You Say I’m Just a Friend….11 Situations That Shows You Have Been Friend-Zoned

Oh, the friend zone (rolls eyes). Both men and women suffer from being put…no shoved into this place of no return.

I have heard of more than a few men that are totally lost when trying to figure out if, in fact, they have been “friend-zoned,” so I’ve compiled a list that might be rather helpful in assessing your situation. Once you know that you have been placed in the zone of no return, RUN. You’ve already got friends, and you probably don’t really want to be friends with that woman you find oh so irresistible.

The Busy Female- Let’s start with the “busy” female. Busy is generally a “swerve or curve.” If she’s too busy to find a couple of hours to hang out with you, odds are you skipped the friend zone and went straight to the “no thanks zone.”

Hands- Free Zone- Say that you’re hanging out with this female, and you casually place your hand on top of hers. She doesn’t waste any time snatching her hand away from your grasp. FZ. Touching creates physical chemistry, and without chemistry, you’re left with friends.

The Third Wheel – The Female brings her friend along with her on your date. Duh. This is a no brainer but still causes confusion. There is no reason for her to bring her girl along unless she wants both of them to get fed or some free drinks on your dime. She might want her friend to give her opinion on you, but bringing her along is setting up a third wheel dynamic, none of which you’d want any part of.

Pretty Please- “Can you pretty please…” You might think you’re generous and selfless doing favors for this woman, secretly hoping she’ll fall head over heels and succumb to your wooing, but that’s unrealistic. If she really wants to get to know you genuinely, she’ll do just that. Not ask you to change her AC, mow her lawn(literally) and change the oil in her car.

I Woke Up Like This- She looks like she rolled out of bed when you two hang out. Hello? What woman doesn’t spend at least a little time making sure she’s presentable when going on a date with a potential love interest?

My Friend, My Homie- The F word. She refers to you as her friend. That’s it. Run.

We Are Not Together- In public, she does a hell of a lot to make sure other people don’t get the wrong idea that you’re together. If she seems sneaky, crouching, looking around a little too much, she doesn’t want anyone to think you’re together. If she doesn’t want to be with you, she’ll also make sure you aren’t going anywhere she could run into anyone she might know and have to explain that you two aren’t an item.

Not Laughing At Your Corny Jokes- She doesn’t laugh at your jokes. When you’re infatuated, you’ll laugh at the dumbest stuff that comes out of that man’s mouth. Any guy I’ve ever been interested in turns me into a giggling, fussy, fumbling girl.

The Too Relaxed Woman– A girl who is too relaxed around you is also a bad sign. She needs to be a tad bit nervous around you. She should fidget and play with her hair. She should need to release that nervous energy and play with her rings or her necklace if she’s interested.

Her Friends and You Kind Of Date– “My friends and I are going out, you should come” If it’s all the time, consider this a big red flag. She always invites you out with her group of friends, and she will say hi to you and have a small superficial conversation and then move on to the next guest. This is not a date. I repeat. This is NOT a date.

Always On Her Phone– A big one that seems to cause a lot of confusion is texting all the time. So she’s texting you constantly, and you guys have a great rapport, or so you think. Texting is just that, texting. The connection is made from face to face interaction and cannot be replaced with Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, or text messages. I cannot reiterate this enough. The connection is made in person, period.

If any of these signs make you cringe and think of the girl you’re currently pursing, do yourself a favor and RUN.

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