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Relationships develop over time. As a matter of fact, relationships develop because of time. With any successful endeavor, time management is essential. You never want to waste it or misuse it. To develop the love and trust needed in a relationship, couples must spend time. However, spending too much time together can push couples apart.

Don’t Invite Yourself
Your partner has planned a fun filled evening with their friends. Unfortunately, you were not invited. As much as you want to go, don’t invite yourself. Inviting yourself is like being the third wheel on a date, no one will tell you to leave, but no one wants you there. Your presence can become a nuisance for your partner, as they now have to be aware of your wants and needs while you’re out. The next time your partner plans an evening without you, plan your own.

Support Don’t Smother
It is important for you to support your partner in life. What you don’t want to do is smother them. Being around them 24/7 can be a bit constricting. Your partner can feel like your suffocating them. You need to learn when it is important for you to be there and when it’s ok to take a step back and let them handle it on their own. This knowledge can be gained through communication and experience. If you’re unsure whether or not you need to be there, just ask.

Miss You Much
On a daily basis, your partner spends most of their free time with you. As interesting as you may be, your partner needs some time away from you. You have to give an opportunity for your partner to miss you. When you’re with your partner all the time, it’s easy for them to develop a sense of wanting to get away. You should make a point to take on an activity that allows you to be away from your partner for a couple of hours. It can be anything from bike riding to working out at the gym to joining a book club. When you give yourself time away from your partner, it helps you appreciate the time that you spend together a bit more. Besides, everyone could use a little “Me” time.

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