Ballerific Relationships – Cuffing Season

Ballerific Relationships – Cuffing Season By: @milagreee

As the bitter cold arises, earlier than normal this year, “cuffing season” starts to come around. Cuffing season is defined as being the time of year that single, otherwise promiscuous people would be more inclined to find someone to get into a relationship with, just to have someone during the cold. Once these seasons are over, they are back to hanging out “at la marina all summer.”

Cuffing season is a joke. It’s a way for people to find someone to cuddle with while the cold weather is around so that they aren’t lonely since no one really wants to go out and party in this cold weather. Those that are looking for a semiserious relationship should not start during cuffing season, or perhaps know their significant other well enough to figure out what exactly they are getting themselves into.

Their potential significant other might just be some kind of crazy party goer that will drop them as soon as the weather lightens up. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, this is probably not the time to do it. Don’t get me wrong, not everyone that wants to be “cuffed” will drop you but be sure that this person that you are considering being with didn’t have a boo last year that he cut off right around St. Patrick’s day or perhaps she even made it to memorial day.

Studies do show that as the weather gets colder, people do tend to get into relationships that last only during the winter season. Now, if you’re both not in a place where you want to be in a long monogamous relationship and need someone to cuddle with amongst other things, the right thing to call this new phenomenon might be “friends with benefits,” that way, no one really gets the wrong idea and you can actually stop someone from getting hurt. We all know friends with benefits never lasts too long anyway.

Being a single woman in my 20’s, whose majority of friends are coupled up already, it is extremely hard to find people to go out with, people to meet other people with and these months can be kind of lonely. Have you ever realized that around September, people that you haven’t heard from for months all of a sudden appear out of nowhere? All of a sudden, someone who had no interest in you in May is asking you out on dates, and bringing you flowers and the whole nine? I’m not saying that it isn’t legitimate per-say but it might just be the cold winter nights dragging him to your front door.

Cuffing season is comparable to instant gratification, there is no work involved in the relationship and it ends abruptly. I don’t believe cuffing season is healthy for anyone that wants a serious relationship. If you want someone t cuddle with at night, call it what it is. No one wants to think they’re in any type of serious relationship and then get dumped drastically once its time to party with the boys or girls again.

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