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Okay, let’s all face the facts that it JUST might be a little possible that our emotions take over rationality when it comes to dating a man that you might really be interested in. You might be doing things out of your norm that you are shocked even when you look back on it. In the act though, everything you are doing that could be deemed excessive, it seems okay in your head.

Let’s start with the reading the text messages on the man’s phone when he isn’t around. Now all of us are guilty of doing this at some point or another but reading a man’s text is really just making you more susceptible to finding things that you wish you hadn’t. If you do not trust your man, there is no point in being with him. Trust takes over and you should be able to let him text who he wants and still know that he’s your man. You aren’t Sherlock Holmes and you do NOT need to go through his text messages. Even if he isn’t doing anything, you’ve suddenly become someone who violates his trust and his privacy. Mind your business unless something is blatantly thrown in your face. I know you want to avoid him making you look like a fool but if you already have an inclination that that’s what he’s doing then I would re evaluate that relationship.

When you get mad about stupid things such as the socks on the floor, or the fact that he didn’t rinse his dish and just left it on the counter for you to take care of, even keeping the toilet seat up knowing that you’ve fallen in twice this week, you are over reacting. This can turn into a crazy blow up that neither of you really need. You need to pick and choose your battles and honestly, none of the above is worth a blow up. And if you do feel as though this is blow up potential, there might be an underlying reason as to why you’re actually upset with him. Try and find that reason and make sure that you talk it out and make it known so that you can avoid the simplest of arguments.

Social media is a big one. Some women get really offended because this person that they’re dating isn’t yet claiming them on social media. You can really become scary when you start stalking his Facebook and leaving comments on all his posts. Men aren’t as stupid as they look and they can sense when you’re starting to act crazy. You are clearly trying to let everyone of his friends know that you’re his boo and that he belongs to you. He might not take that the wrong way so ease up on the claiming on social media because the fact of the matter is that social media is just that, social media.

Creeping up at places that you know he might be at is seriously borderline insanity. You don’t just roll up with a group of your friends as the bar that he said he would be at and pretend like it was a coincidence. He’s really going to think you don’t trust him and he’s going to think you’re absolutely insane. Refrain from the urge, trust your man and do something else. Your world should never be solely about a man. You should have a life of your own.

Don’t bombard him with question of where he’s spending all his time and asking him to hang out every second of the day. Give him space. Men don’t think about you as much as you think about them. When they’re at work, they’re genuinely thinking about work. When they’re with you, they’re thinking of you. Don’t make the mistake of wanting to occupy all of his free time.

Talking too much about the future too soon is a surefire way to send him packing to the hills. Men are cautious when it comes to commitment. So when a female he just started dating starts planning their perfect family, he might start to stray away and think you’re bonkers. And to be honest, you sound it. He will panic and find a way to push you away.

I don’t think I need to say much on this last one but for those who are a little bit simple ill make this short and sweet. Do not call him all day. Do not text him all day. Do not NEED to speak to him ALL the time in order to feel secure in this relationship. Live your life without the need of having a man complete you.

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