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Ballerific Relationships – Dating Rich Married Man By:@milagreee

As young, attractive females, we are often approached by older men for “dates” or for them to take us out, buy us things. The one problem with this is the shiny ring on his left ring finger. When we ask if he is married, most will tell you that they are and feed you some sob story about how his wife just isn’t the same person anymore and that people tend to fall out of love and since you’re so young you just don’t understand. Some will say they just live with someone, they aren’t really together. But again, hes wearing a ring. Blah.

There are some women who have no problem dating a man that will buy her things, as long as she gets to do what she wants as well. Her mentality is “he’s married so he wont be bothering me much, I get to buy whatever I want, and he takes me out to eat. All I have to do is sleep with him. I can still see other men casually but have all my bills taken care of.”

Now, I don’t want to be extremely opinionated, but that’s exactly what I am. I don’t believe that dating a man who is married is right. I mean, cmon, the karma for that has to be terrible. If I examine what this “ unwritten contract” entails, it is a woman getting paid for servicing a man who already is in a committed relationship with someone else and in return she gets food, bills, and other luxuries that she otherwise would not be able to obtain. We live in a materialistic world and the same girl that you see wearing the new LV bag, is the same girl that eats cups of noodles at night.

I believe that adultery is wrong, and women shouldnt condone it. Condoning this behavior makes it okay for a man to approach you and offer such a suggestion. Are these women glorified prostitute? Or are these women hustlers? Either way, easy money isn’t real money. Easy money goes just as fast. I believe the upbringing of certain females might lead them on this desperate journey of wrecking a home, and that there are issues deep down that need to be dealt with. You need to value yourself enough to realize that a man that loves you and cares for ONLY you will cross a river and back for you and he will get you the things you want. The first step is to learn to love who you are. Never regret, love your mistakes, applaud your accomplishments, because that is what made you. Stay around people that are supportive and keep you up. Loving yourself is the first step to finding a man that would give you the world and everything in it.  

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