Ballerific Relationships: Did Valentine’s Day Break Your Situation-ship? By: @milagreee


With Valentine’s Day just passing, breaking so many hearts as it always does, it is time to look at something called a situationship. Situationships are fake relationships that leave the people in them comfortable, yet someone is always unhappy. A situationship happens when one person conforms to acting as though they are in a committed relationship without the consent of the other person. In other words, he’s not your man.

He’s not your man, but you felt as though he was. Instead of rocking the boat, you went with the flow and allowed yourself to become attached to someone who never declared that they wanted a monogamous relationship with you. Here is where it gets sticky. One person in this situationship is likely head over heels, while the other is cruising along, probably keeping the other on the back burner till something better shows up.  Perhaps just enjoying the free ride. The problem is that no one deserves to be the one without commitment if that’s what they want, but more often than not,  they’ll take it just to stay with this person.

This person does not value you. I shall repeat for those hard of hearing or for those who suffer from selective hearing. THIS PERSON DOES NOT VALUE YOU enough to be with you in a committed relationship. Being the committed one in the situationship makes you an option, when you should always be someone’s priority. There are men that will tell you that they aren’t looking for a relationship, and that’s when you either exit or choose to accept what he is telling you. There are men that won’t say anything. They’ll just let the relationship run its course. There are some that will tell you that if you want to go and see other men, that’s fine, but you will not be seeing them again. That’s selfish behavior, and completely unfair and childish.

This person that you’re with might be someone you truly see yourself with, really care about, and want to take care of, but if he’s not willing to fully commit to you, I suggest you open up that self worth that you’ve bottled up and get out of there.  Don’t get me wrong, don’t  try to sell him a relationship, or get mad when he tells you that he’s not looking for one. All you’re doing is giving him something to rebel against. Just know that you’re worth more than what he’s giving you and you deserve someone who is down for you like you are for him.

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