ROMANCE & RELATIONSHIPS The toughest part of any relationship is the end of the relationship. Hearts are broken, feelings are hurt and unfortunately, things get ugly. Couples often find closure when there’s a known reason for break ups. The person being dumped can leave the relationship knowing what they did wrong and having a starting point of where they can improve. However, some relationships just fizzle out. While most men are used to being dumped because of infidelity and not “taking care of home”, utter confusion comes over him when she says, “I just don’t love you anymore”. Though there could be a million and one reasons why she falls out of love, there are three main ones. Where’s The Excitement? Being in a long committed relationship can cause things to become routine. Your days are predictable. The food that you are going to eat is predictable.

The shows you are going to watch on television are predictable. Even the sex is predictable. There is nothing fun about being able to know what is going to happen. Your girl can start to fall out of love with you because you’re boring. She wants to have fun and quite frankly, you’re not it. As she would do in a boring movie, she’s walking out. To avoid being boring, break your routine. Take her out on dates. Plan a get away weekend. Take an active interest in what she likes to do. Incorporate her toys when having sex. Most of all be spontaneous. Are You Forgetting About Her? It’s true that women like nice things. She likes nice cars. She likes to eat good food. She loves diamonds. However, what she wants most is your attention. Spending time with her is invaluable. Neglect her, and you’ll find yourself singing “Baby Come Back”. It’s pretty safe to say that not getting enough attention can lead to a lack of affection. Where there is no affection, there is no love. If you want to keep her, it’s imperative to make sure she’s happy. Don’t just try to make her happy with your presents, make her happy with your presence.

There’s Someone Else It’s not always your fault that she’s falling out of love with you. Sometimes, she’s just falling in love with someone else. She may not have gone out to find another man, but somehow, that man finds her. In this situation, there’s nothing you can do but let her walk away. Most importantly, if you want to keep your self-confidence in check, never try to find out why she chose him over you. Nonetheless, your feelings will be hurt. After all, no one ever strives to be second place. All you can do now, is move on.

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