Ballerific Relationships: First Date ‘Do’s And Dont’s’ By: @milagreee

Let’s go over some common do’s and don’ts when it comes to those earth shattering first dates.

There are a ton of common mistakes that both men and women make when starting off a relationship. What we need to realize is that a first date is actually sort of an interview and you should probably be on your best behavior. This includes excluding secrets that you should hold off on sharing until you have a little bit more time getting to know this person. After getting to know someone a little more, it’ll be a better time to share these secrets. During a first date, this person doesn’t want to know how much you hate your mother, how many times you masturbate on a daily basis or anything concerning your bowel movements. A first date is a time to put your best face forward and treat the evening as if you’re interviewing for your next career. You have to pay attention to certain red flags that a man or woman might put forward without meaning to. Until give you an ample idea of what’s in store for your future together.

I know everyone wants to divulge into the serious aspects of their lives, what makes them tick and what makes them who they are. This may or may not turn the other person off. It might be way too soon for someone to share and bare their soul to this person that they don’t know any better than the cab driver that drove you to your date. It is important to keep the conversation light and friendly — Not to mention positive. Stay away from touchy subjects such as politics and religion, as you might not agree and depending on the person you’re dating (or yourself) you might just get into a heated brawl over whether or not abortion is pro choice.

Lets not talk about past relationships. JESUS (sorry to use the Lord’s name in vain) but people need to realize that you’re trying to start something NEW so bringing up relationships that ended, why they ended, why he was such an ass and why she was such a bitch doesn’t really paint you in the brightest of lights. Not only is it uncomfortable to hear a man talk about another woman in a negative way, but it also sets the mood for the rest of the date. I don’t know about you but I would be looking for the fastest way out of that scenario.

Drinking. Some of us might be a tad bit lush, meaning that we like a drink or two to loosen up, especially if we’re feeling nervous about this whole dating scene. Just don’t overdo it. There is nothing more unattractive to a man than a woman that cant hold her liquor and he has to hold her up for the majority of the night.

Putting out. Lets be serious, this can go two ways. The passion that you feel and the overwhelming connection might make you feel comfortable enough to sleep with this man that you just met but let’s be honest, about how much you could possibly know about a man you just had a first date with who is on his best behavior? Not much. Keep the flower kept away and you’re able to prolong sex long enough to know that you want to spend the night with this man. He can say all of the right things and make you feel as though he might call you the next day. Im not saying that he wont, but the odds are slim to none.

Be honest about who you are. Thats the only way to ensure that your connection is real and that further on on your dating escapade, he’s not going to wonder why the hell you said you were into art but you’ve never been to a museum? Its the safest way to make sure that your connection is in fact real.

Body language gives it all away. Leaning in when he talks, making eye contact, possibly touching his hands, makes him feel as though you two are actually connecting. But if you aren’t interested, I would refrain from any of the above.

The moral of this story is that you should follow some rules when going on a first date. I know it’s scary but these should help you in making sure that you act like a perfect lady and can determine if this man is actually someone you would like to pursue something serious with.  

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