Ballerific Relationships - Getting Him To “Hit it" Right

Ballerific Relationships – Getting Him To “Hit it” Right

Ladies, we’ve all had that one guy that just did not know what he was doing when it came to pleasing you. Most women would just move on and not think twice, but what happens if you really like this guy? Do you accept the wack D and not say anything or do you gradually teach him how to meet your needs?

When it comes to sex, some guys are completely clueless. They think they know what they’re doing until they are put to the test. If you ever find yourself falling for a guy that can’t make you reach an orgasm, just teach him what it takes to please you. After all, how can you expect him to get better?

Here are 5 steps to getting your man to “hit it right”

1)    Because this is a touchy area, try not to emasculate him. Take the lead during sex. This way he now knows what you like and how you like. Plus, doing this makes him think that you are aggressive and men like that when it comes to sex.

2)    Incorporate toys. Not only is this hot during sex, it will get your man so turned on listening to your moans and watching what it does to your body, that he’s going to want to out-do the sex toy.

3)    Watch porn together. Maybe he only knows two moves. Watching someone else have sex might inspire him to try something new.

4)    Play sex games. Playing games before intercourse not only spices up the sex, but it will give him an idea of how to make you reach your climax. My favorite game is ”Sex Toy Hide and Seek” The concept of the game is to plant a bunch of sex toys or seductive items (handcuffs, blindfold, vibrator, flavored lube, etc.) around the house for your guy to find. As he tracks down each one, use it on each other before moving on to the next.

5)    Tell him his sex game needs to come up 2 or 3 levels. Honesty is always the best policy in my book. Being upfront with him may hurt his ego a little bit, but if he’s a real man he’ll take the lessons without a problem.  

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