Ballerific Relationships - Getting The Girl

Ballerific Relationships – Getting The Girl

“Some guys get all the girls” is a common thought that many men have when they see “Don Juan” with yet another pretty girl on his arm.  You might think that he has success with women because of his looks, intelligence, or money, but the truth is that he knows when and how to approach a woman without fear.  Here are a few tips to help you get the girl.

Eye Contact is Key

Knowing when to approach a woman can be as simple as making eye contact. If she holds your gaze or even smiles, that’s a green light to talk to her. However, if she looks away, it’s best to stay put. Sneaking up on a woman is intrusive, so pay attention to what she’s doing before approaching her. If she’s focused on her friends, she may be less receptive to your advances.

Focus on One Woman

The biggest mistake you can make is showing interest in all of her friends. While it’s important to be friendly to everyone, you need to focus on the woman you’re interested in. Showing interest in her makes her feel special and shows that you know what you want. Hitting on her and her friends is a surefire way to get rejected.

Make Conversation Count

If she’s separated herself from her friends to talk to you, make it worth her while. Compliment her, but try to be unique. Instead of generic compliments, try to notice something specific and interesting about her. Be sincere and avoid using cheesy pickup lines. Don’t dominate the conversation; nobody likes someone who talks too much. Most importantly, know when to end the conversation. Spark her interest, get her number, and leave her wanting more.


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