Ballerific Relationships: How to Spice Up Your Sex Life

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Before we get started I hope you understand that people change over time, but not much. Things cannot be perfect all the time, but we can look forward to the times when things are perfect. Every woman remembers when and where and who gave them the best they ever had. But what you don’t realize is if your man really likes you he is a blank canvas. You can have whatever you want and I’m going to show you how to get it.


Lions can tell you everything about zebra. They can tell you what the zebra eats, where he hangs out and his interests and aspirations. Why is that important @theredgiant you ask? Well because you need to pay attention to your partner. What do they like most about sex? What is their least favorite part of sex? What gets them in the mood? If you can’t answer these questions about them, then you have some studying to do.


When your girl says her back hurts, that’s your cue to give her a back rub. Everything is connected, so a back rub can turn your girl on and a foot rub will definitely. When your man has his hands in his pants playing with his nuts while he watches TV, ask him if you can fondle his nuts for him. All pleasure comes from the same part of the brain, so step your pleasure game up. Nobody should know more about your partners pleasure than you. You don’t need to be a licensed massage therapist either, just understand the psyche of a woman. An average woman appreciates the contrast between women and men. For example an average woman appreciates a man’s strength, so when you massage her start gentle then intensify the pressure but pay attention to her. If you massage her back and do a good job she will go to sleep. If you massage her feet and do a good job, she will get juicy. Ladies there is nothing sexier than t-shirt and panties. Oh my god that is and will forever be classic. We as men are not as fast mentally as you women, so we need lots of clues and hints. T-shirt and panties with no bra is the universal signal for a beat down.


Some people need extra to get them relaxed or in the mood. I need neither, but for the people who do I will discuss it. When it comes to weed you must be very careful because weed makes you pay more attention to every detail. Paying attention to every detail during sex most likely means you will climax very quick. So if that’s not what you want then abstain from marijuana. Alcohol will get you in the mood, but also numb you to pleasure. You will be very turned on but it will take you forever to climax. If your partner is a premature ejaculator, then alcohol is for them or you can just tone down the pleasuring. I used to ask myself why does my girl pop so fast, then I realized it’s because she is a pleasure lightweight. You need to determine your partners pleasure tolerance before you blame them for not being able to tolerate your abilities.


This one is by far my favorite and the most important. If your man lies you on your back and put your heels on his shoulder blades, takes his palm and pushes up on your pubic area to make your labia hood peel back. Then starts licking you exactly how you like it, you absolutely have to tell him. Tell him it feels good, describe why it feels good. Tell him to keep going and be abrasive about it or submissive depending on his personality. If your man lays you on your stomach and puts a pillow under your crotch so your butt is in the air. Then demands you spread your legs a little and starts stabbing you just right. So good that you are seriously feeling like you are going to pee on yourself, it is your duty to tell him. Tell him how good he is punishing you and talk about how good his penis is as well. If you can make a man love his penis, then he will love you because many men feel like they aren’t big enough. Talk about it and what you like most. Is it how fat the head is, or how thick the shaft? Is it how long the shaft or how big his balls are? In closing, never mock the way a person behaves when they orgasm. If they scream or shiver or squeeze you really tight you must not make fun of them. The moment of climax is the most private and intimate moment in life, other than death so to mock that is extremely disrespectful.

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