Ballerific Relationships: ” I’m Ready To Retire My Player’s Card… I Have Found The One”

So, you have decided that you are tired of living the bachelor life and ready to settle down with your girl that has been putting up with your dish for years? Well, that is awesome considering she just may be at her wits end. If you are honestly and truly ready to turn in your player’s card, you can no longer say that you’re ready. It is the time to show her that you are ready to stop playing games and that she is the only one that has your eye.


To get you moving in the right direction, we have put together a guide to get you moving and leaving the heaux behind!


Be Truthful– Fellas, you cannot get your girl back hitting her with “facts that aren’t true.” Hell, you’ve been lying for so long, you should be tired. From here on out, you should be nothing but truthful with your girl. Now, this will be hard at the beginning because everything that has came out of your mouth has been lies. You are trying to earn her trust back and get the relationship on the right path. Think about it this way, she can’t snap if you’re being honest.


Get Rid of the Heauxs- Since you are ready to lay the pipe with one girl and one girl only, you have to let these heauxs know that you have found “the one” and you are ready to commit. Let each and every one of them know that they can no longer call you and you will no longer contact them. Letting the heauxs go will show her how serious you are. Get rid of the “little black book” or whatever you have to keep in contact with them. This also means to clean up your social media. I am not saying you can’t have female friends but if you have smashed, thought about smashing, or came close to smashing, you better delete. Better safe than sorry.


Spend Quality With Your Boo- I am sure at this point your girl’s insecurity level is at an all time high. You have to work your way back in and that starts with some quality time. Show her how much she matters to you by stepping outside of the box. Send her flowers to her job “just because.” Take her on a mini vacation for the weekend like a bed and breakfast or just a night on the town. The gestures will surely show her that you are about her and only her. Remember, it is the little things that matter the most!


Ummm Sir, You Do Have A Curfew- You are trying to prove to your girl that you are all about her. Hanging out all night will not convince her that your trifling ways are over. Now, no one said you cannot hang out with the fellas, but you have to be home at a reasonable hour. Not sure what a reasonable hour is? Talk to your lady about it, so that the two of you have an understanding. She will appreciate it!


Hang Out With Your Married Friends More- We all have those friends that are living the married life with kids. Start hanging out with them a bit more, whether you guys are going bowling or simply hitting the bar for drinks and sports. When your girl sees that you are changing your surroundings a bit, she will definitely assume that their positive influence will keep you focused on what’s important. This is also the opportunity to get advice from your boys. Now, you don’t have to get rid of your single friends but you can’t be doing what single men are doing if you are trying to settle down. Use your better judgement!


Ladies, what would you add to the list?


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