Ballerific Relationships: Life Goes On After Heartbreak

So your heart was broken and shattered into a million pieces. Now you can’t fathom the thought of ever being in another relationship, only to have it happen to you all over again. Many of us experience our first real break-up in high school or early twenties. Ending a serious relationship can be hard on both parties, depending on the circumstances.

Lets just say you met your first love in high school. You two were inseparable from late night talks on the phone to planning your future. Things begin to go left when you two arrive to college together. After five years of being together, infidelity occurs.  Many of us cannot handle infidelity and of course causes many issues within your relationship. The last straw was an email from a girl that your boyfriend has been messing with for a while. The email states that she has been sleeping with your boyfriend and thought you should know the truth. He tells you that the fling is over and wants only you. Do you believe him? Will it happen again? Why is this happening to me? These are questions we ask ourselves and wonder if the answers will help.

After infidelity within the relationship, you decided to let it go. Five years felt like a waste. How do I move on from this situation? I know at times you wonder if the pain of the break-up will ever go away. For some, break-ups take a minute to get over. You have to find ways to get out of the house and mingle with other people. It is hard to move on but you have to, even if that means getting rid of everything that reminds you of him. Easier said than done, right?

Move forward a couple of years. Lets just say that same woman that emailed you ended up marrying your ex. Although you two have been broken up for a while, why does it still hurt like hell? You only find out because you two have many mutual friends on social media. It has taken you a long time to move past this but to find out the woman he marries is the same one he claimed to have ended things with. You begin  to question yourself: Am I upset because he is married? Or because he is married to “her”?

We all go through many situations within our lifetime and do not understand the “why”? When relationships end, you have to find ways to still have fun. That means hanging out and doing thing that you love to do. While you are sitting around crying, do you think the ex is doing the same? Do what is best for you and your happiness. Life is too short. Think about it this way…Maybe that person wasn’t who you were meant to be with. If it is closure that is needed, reach out to him or her. See if you two can talk, so that you can finally move on.

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