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Ballerific Relationships – “Men Vs. Boys” By: @milagreee

You know that funny feeling you get when you’re dating a man and something just isn’t sitting well with you? There is something in the pit of your stomach telling you that he’s pulling away? All of a sudden the guy that was on your tail is now hard to find. He disappears and doesn’t return your texts. Then when he does, he doesn’t even apologize, instead he has what he considers a creditable excuse as to why he was gone missing for a few days. I’m here to inform you that there are no credible excuses for why a man who you consider to be dating to just disappear on you. When the lack of text messages and phone calls start to occur, be weary because that is a sure sign that he’s losing interest in you. The losing interest part is fine, not everyone is meant to be together but the fact that some guys aren’t able to tell you that they’re over you, that they just move on and start to ignore you is something that happens, and happens quite often and as females, we are supposed to take it and pretend that nothing happened.

If you tell them how disrespected you do feel, then you come off as a crazy. Guys always call a girl who speaks her mind crazy. Have you ever noticed that most men when describing their ex girlfriend, they call them crazy? I believe the ability or the over all respect to tell someone you aren’t interested anymore should be implemented. This part of the “game” leaves people scot free of their actions and of what they did wrong. Some people need to know that what they did is wrong, and you are not okay with it. I guess if telling someone how you feel scares them off than it wasn’t meant to be. On the other hand, I also believe that a MAN will flat out tell you that he wishes you well but you aren’t the person for him.

I believe that separates a boy from a MAN. A Boy will duck and hide from you because they lack the “cojones” to tell you that they have lost interest in you. A man will let you know so you don’t have to sit there and wonder. The thing about these guys is that they tend to reappear, they tend to come back into your life and all of a sudden they’ve changed, they need to explain themselves and want to see you again. They come back and try and pull the same thing over and over and over again. There is nothing more annoying than that because the initial dating period is actually a lot of fun and pretty romantic. They will have some stupid story about why they disappointed you initially, but like I said, it’s an excuse. Trust your gut and dip before he decides it’s time for him to dip. Don’t allow this merry go round a** dude to disrespect you in any way shape or form but continuing to put you on some kind of back burner.  I mean hello, has he seen you? Bye Felipe, you can have any man you want. Respect yourself.

Boys make excuses, men tell you regardless of how you might react. Next time you find yourself with a flaky little boy, consider yourself lucky, you just dodged a bullet. How would you feel if you were his actual girlfriend and he just up and disappeared on you constantly? Consider yourself lucky and go on to the next. Look in the mirror and realize it’s his loss.

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