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There is this place in time, right before a relationship, when a man starts to really like the girl he’s dating. He wants to see her all the time, take up all of her time and be around her when ever possible. This is the making or breaking point of your could be romance. Why? Because, this is when his male self starts to panic. Men seem to think that if they get themselves into a relationship, their life as they know it is doomed. They run to the hills. They stop and think of all the great things that would be “prohibited” once they become committed. Men think that they are going to lose out on time with their friends and all of the wonderful things that single life brings them.

This is where you come into play. We’ve all felt the pull back. We all know what it feels like when something is going well and all of a sudden you hear the dreaded “I’m not ready for a relationship” phrase. We need to realize that if we’ve already given this person all of out time, effort and selves, then of course they wont need a relationship. Relationships are when things should be getting better, not where things will be getting more complex and with more rules applied to his daily life. Lets be honest, single life isn’t all its disillusioned to be, but a man sees it as losing his freedom. Unless, he wants the relationship, then the “single life” perspective flies out of the window.  Once we’re ready we start to try and sell the relationship to a man and no one wants that. He isn’t going to buy it so don’t try it.

What you need to do is lower him on your list of priorities so that he in turn does start to feel as though in order to enjoy you, in order to enjoy and share your time together more often, he needs to move forward with the relationship. Why buy the cow if you get the milk for free doesn’t necessarily mean sex. You can have sex with someone as soon as you’re ready. What it really means is don’t give him all of you without the commitment. 

Relationships aren’t all bad, and most of us don’t really want to restrict men of the things that they want to do. We just want to feel secure with our man. So don’t try and sell a relationship because that man will just rebel. Continue your life without leaving him at number one and if he changes his mind so be it. If not, you know better for next time. 

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