Ballerific Relationships: Secret Lovers by Brendolyn Marie

“No relationship is worth hiding. And if you have to hide it, maybe it’s not worth having.”

What if your significant other told you they wanted to keep your relationship a secret? If they told you they didn’t want your friends to know that the two of you were an item? How would that make you feel? What if your couldn’t tell the world of the love you shared? How would that make you feel? Does a person wanting to keep their personal relationship a secret devalue the situation? For the longest time people could only speculate about the relationship status of Jay-z and Beyonce, still to this day I have yet to even see a wedding photo of the two. For a couple who spent so much time in the public eye they managed to keep the public out of their bedroom.Ultimately this has proven that the less people know about what goes on behind closed doors the less problems your relationship will endure. So I wonder, can a relationship that is born in secrecy and hidden from the eye of the public survive or does it need onlookers and commentary from outside observers?

Like most people I am close in age with, a lot of life’s milestones are shared via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Then there are those times far and between in which I feel are not any business of the public. Yes, that’s right,  in a world so driven by the mindless commentary of random people there are some aspects of life that I prefer to enjoy without my cell phone or tablet glued to my hands. In a generation where so much of our lives is lived out on social media is there a such thing as privacy? People seem to have this notion that your relationship isn’t official until it’s broad casted via a picture on Instagram or an @ on Twitter. Have we become so consumed by a virtual world that we need the validation of complete strangers to know what we have is real? I heard someone say “I’m not sleeping with you if I can’t post you on Instagram.” What does a picture on a social site really prove? I am a firm believer in the saying, “What is understood doesn’t need to be spoken.” Some will disagree saying that if your spouse doesn’t want to be blasted on the Internet they have something to hide, and for some this may be true. The more people you put in your business the more problems you are bound to have. What kind of life are you truly living if every aspect has to shared in a post or validated by a like?


“I love lowkey sh*t. As long as we know what’s up that’s all I care about. You can be loyal without a title and you can get played with one. Hold me and I’ll hold you. Nobody gotta know what we do. It’s all about knowing your role.”


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