Ballerific Relationships: Signs That Your Relationship All In Your Head

Relationships, everybody wants one. No matter how much some of us try to pretend the opposite, there is nothing like having someone in your life who loves u. What is a relationship though? It’s a union between two people who’ve gotten to know each other physically, mentally, and emotionally. And through this process have realized that they make one great match and would rather be together than apart. Clearly this is a mutual decision between the two, otherwise only one person is in the relationship while the other is single or already involved.
Over the years, Many have fallen victim to this imaginary togetherness. Most by fault of their own, while others have simply been naive. In any case, there are always signs to indicate that your “relationship” may just be a situation. Don’t mistake sexual relations for a relationship. If a relationship is what you seek, make sure that’s what he wants too; and that he wants it with you. Below is a list of red flags, if any of these apply to your relationship; blow the whistle because there’s a flag on the play. In this list I refer to the third party as ‘him’ but it can just as easily be ‘her’.

* You don’t have his home number nor are you allowed to call it
* He doesn’t always answer your calls, especially after a certain time
* He only sees you late at night
* He doesn’t really initiate calls/texts/or visits and when he does it’s usually because he wants something
* There isn’t much dialog if it’s not about sex
* He normally leaves or sends you on your merry way right after sex
* There’s no intimacy, and by that I don’t mean sex
* He doesn’t care to meet your family nor for you to meet his
* He doesn’t take you out in public
* He has a wife or girlfriend
* He’s expressed he has no plans to leave set wife/girlfriend
* Having his baby didn’t bring him any closer
* He’s expressed no interest in having a relationship with you
* He got engaged and it wasn’t with you
* He got married and it wasn’t with you
So ladies and gents, think hard about your so called relationship because it may very well be all in your head.

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