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Ballerific Relationships – Stood Up By: @milagreee

Stood up. Being stood up has to be one of the most disrespectful actions any person can perform. It’s probably relatively close to being slapped in the face. I am not even just speaking about the whole “he didn’t show up” somewhere that you two set up to meet which is even more embarrassing, but I wouldn’t go anywhere without ever confirming. I am not about to sit in a restaurant like a fool, asking for a table for two when no one is going to show up.

I am talking about making a date on a Wednesday for Saturday and then not hearing from that person at all or even just a few hours to a few minutes before the date was supposed to happen. Most men come up with excuses when they are reaching out to you just before, some which are acceptable (at your own discretion) and some of which are total crap and they just rather watch football with his friends. Either way, you wouldn’t know.

When you set a date days prior, there should be some sort of confirmation that you two are still on for whatever you planned. He should let you know that you are still on for the date, and he’s excited to see you. Without that, you’re sort of up in the air. If you don’t receive confirmation between the date set and the day of, you’re probably looking at a cancellation or a no show. Early in the dating stages, dates are like job interviews. A no show gets any second chance, you are the commodity and you do not get disrespected. A late cancellation, could give a second chance but honestly, that really depends on you.

But what do you do after he cancels or doesn’t show up? Let’s just assume that you don’t want to come off as a psycho. Let’s assume that we want to be the one with the classy response. Let’s assume that we are not on the verge of driving past his house with a knife and slashing his tires. Time is of the essence and it is precious so the disrespect may make you want to lash out and smack him in the face. You ask for my time, so you should really keep that in mind.

Before you do assume, make sure that you are indeed being stood up. You could simply call or text or ignore the fact that he just didn’t confirm or show up. If you were set to meet at a place, you’re entitled to text or call him if he hasn’t showed up because common courtesy would be to let you know that he’s running late. Now, if he doesn’t show, and you’re flat out left in a restaurant waiting for him, then my advice would be to never answer anything he might have to say. There is NO excuse for the lack of confirmation and then the no show.

He might have a valid excuse but if there is no confirmation prior to when the date is set, you can consider other plans. You can ask him what happened just to see what stupid excuse he’s coming up with, but I would take that as something that cannot be forgiven. When you’re told that you should set up a block for a date for two or three hours, that is time that you cannot get back. A man that does not confirm, wasted your time, therefore you probably dodged a bullet. A man that doesn’t show up, bye Felipe. It might hurt for about a quick second, but he just did you a favor. Deuces.

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