Ballerific Relationships: The Female Friend Zone By: @milagreee - Baller Alert

Ballerific Relationships: The Female Friend Zone By: @milagreee

Hold up, did homie just friend zone me..?

It is more prevalent for a man to be trapped into a friend zone with a woman that he finds attractive. But what happens when the tables are turned and this guy you were seeing just TRIED it and threw you in there? It’s almost hard to imagine, because usually its the guy that struggles with trying to figure out where they stand in a relationship.

Like I said in one of my last posts, I dont believe that any man is happy being friends with a woman that he finds attractive. He might settle in the bushes and be there for you, support you, be the shoulder that you cry on when you and whoever you are dating are struggling. He’s the one that tells you that you would be better off without him, he is the one that tells you that you’re insane for staying in this relationship with a man who just doesn’t care for you. But guess what? He’s the one that actually cares about you. When he finally tells you exactly how he feels, you get pissed off because like I said, there is actually no man that wants to be just friends with you and you realize this. Now your so called guy friend is no longer and his heart is broken.

But when the tables turn, it becomes a little more complicated. What if you’re the girl who is the “friend”? What if you are their emotional escape, you are the person that they confide in and want to talk to when things go wrong in their lives. Now, if this hasn’t been put out on the table which I doubt it has, the signals are very mixed and can be crossed easily. Say this man takes you to dinner to talk about his life and even brings you flowers, you can safely assume that you aren’t in the friend zone right? Wrong. Some men will take you out, pay for everything, because that is just how they were raised.

At any given point, you can turn into the girl in the friend zone and not even know it. Now he has this girl that he can talk to about anything, you feel secure with him, you can tell him everything and not feel judged and vice versa. But you’re thinking that you’re headed into a relationship with this man so you start sleeping with him. Oops. The problem with this is you’re starting to catch feelings, he has someone to talk to and sleep with and it can only get worse from there. Now hes got his cake and eating it too. Now, if you bring up the “what are we” he looks at you like you’re crazy because in his mind you’re just his emotional escape with a little bit of sex, or maybe a lot. He comes up with the “im not really sure what i want” and the “i just dont know if we would work,” The typical bullsh*t.

At this point, if all of this is going on and he hasn’t mentioned the fact that he sees you as just a friend, make sure that you exit left quickly before the strings or the attachment you have to him grows. Like I always like to say “Have you seen me..? umm, not this B*tch, swerve.” Go get a therapist homie, because that just isn’t me.

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