Ballerific Relationships - Lies Women Tell

Ballerific Relationships – Lies Women Tell

When we start a new relationship, we can’t help but wonder what the other person is really like.  It’s only natural to rely on what we observe, hear from others, and what that person tells us.  However, in the beginning, we often interact with their “representative” – a lovable version of themselves that tells us everything we want to hear.  Unfortunately, they might not always tell us the truth. Here are three lies that women often tell.

Women Lie About Their Number

Asking a woman about her number of sexual partners is never a good idea.  It’s not that men can’t handle the truth, it’s just that whatever number she gives you will probably be too much for you.  Women often downplay their number or inflate it to seem more experienced.  Instead, focus on important matters like whether or not she’s had safe sex, and ask her about her views on protected sex.

My Chick Is Always Perfect

Have you ever noticed how amazing your girl looks, no matter what she’s doing?  Even when she wakes up, she’s radiant and fresh.  Don’t be fooled – it takes effort.  When you compliment her, she might brush it off with a casual comment like, “This old thing?” But don’t be fooled – she’s spent time fixing her bra and reapplying lip-gloss, and even wakes up before you to freshen her breath.  The angelic woman you wake up to is not just natural beauty – she’s also prepared for a beautiful morning.

Her First Time…Not!  

Many women want to be viewed as “good girls” who are wife material.  That’s why they might pretend not to like going out or act like they can’t handle alcohol.  But when it comes to more intimate matters, women often pretend that they haven’t had experience.  Don’t be fooled by the classic “I’ve never done this before” line.  Women often downplay their experiences to make you feel more special.  Just play along – after all, she’s doing it to you now.

It’s okay if your partner doesn’t tell you everything right away.  You just need to be smart and focus on what’s important to you.  Use your own judgment and speak to someone you trust about your concerns.  Remember, these little lies are often harmless and come from a place of liking you.  However, if she’s hiding something major like a child, it’s time to run the other way.

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