Ballerific Relationships – To Date A Single Father or Not? By: @milagreee

As we get older and the world continues to evolve, change is inevitable. Many people, both men and women are found to be single parents. I can’t lie, I have always said that there is no way in hell that I would date a man with children. Maybe I’m selfish, but I have always thought that the baggage that comes along with children isn’t exactly my cup of tea. I couldn’t deal with “baby momma drama” or any of the crap that comes along with being “step mommy.” What if the kid hates me because he seems to think that I am the reason that him and his mom aren’t together, or because I take all the attention away from daddy? What if he hates me because I’m not his mother? You hear tons of horror stories about single daddies with evil children that despise their dads girlfriends no matter how many attempts she makes to get along with these brats. What if the child starts to talk about how evil you are to his mother and it starts a bundle of drama between the father and the mother about whether or not you’re allowed to be around her child?
The fact of the matter is though that if this man is a single dad that takes care of his kids, then he probably is a good man whose relationship with the mother of his children just didn’t work out for one reason or another. The men that you should avoid dating are the ones that do not see their children or make an effort to be around them. These are the men that should be avoided. If you hold onto my theory of not dating single fathers, you might miss out on someone who could be a wonderful person. Actually, the fact that they take care of their offspring should give you a hint as to how amazing he actually might be.
At the same time, there are a few reasons why dating a single dad isn’t really ideal: sex being one of them, if these children live with him, in the beginning stages of your relationship when you can’t keep your hands off each other, you have to be extremely quiet so that they don’t hear you two in your most passionate moments. You have to take into account that he can’t just pick up and do things spontaneously because he does have his children to take care of. You can just pick up and go to Tahiti for a getaway together unless he can get the mother to watch them. You should also remember that you take on the role of step mommy and for some, that might be too much to bare.
Some of these single dads don’t want any more children and if you are without child and have always wanted one, you need to take into account that he isn’t really considering having anymore. That could be a damper for you or a deal breaker. You also have to realize that he just won’t have as much time as you would like him to have for you, and you have to accept that.
Dating a single father does show you that he is responsible and a family man but there are things you should take into consideration when getting into a serious relationship. Its really up to you whether or not you can deal with all of this, I guess it depends on the man.

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