Ballerific Relationships – What Is Passion? By: @milagreee

Passion is defined as a strong and barely controllable emotion. Fire, lust, passion, all of these equal what should be overwhelming sexual connection. But what happens when you meet someone in which your connection is so strong but there is no actual love? What happens when your connection is so fierce and undeniable that you cant resist this other person? This passion that leads to the kind of sexual connection that you get once in a lifetime. The sort of sexual escapade that leaves you wanting more, fulfills something deep in your soul that you didn’t even know existed.

There are sexual experiences in which you are physically attracted to someone but once you get to the sexual aspect of the relationship, the fire is lacking. It becomes chore like, almost something that just needs to happen and you count the minutes until it is over. You might be fully in love with this person, you know their qualms and what makes them tick. You know what habits this person you’re in love with has and you love everything about them. But the sex is still a chore.

Is it better to be in love with someone who doesn’t arouse that animalistic urge but is stable and reliable than someone who you barely know but ignites this fierce fire in you that despite all your might you cannot fight? Is it comfort and stability that keeps you in a relationship that lacks fire?

The kind of sexual experience that I speak of is the kind that simultaneously satisfies you but at the same time never satisfies you, because you just can’t get enough.  You crave this person in every orifice of your body, your body craves to connect with this person because it ignites an insatiable fire deep within you that has never been touched by another being.

There is sex awkward which can be one sided. The kind in which there is a Human Masturbator, meaning this man or woman uses the other person to “get off” to put it mildly. There is the jack rabbit that is similar to the HM in which he just pounds away and thinks he’s doing you some type of favor. You also have that man who believes that oral sex is some kind of bad omen instead of the fire starter that it should be.

The sex that I am speaking of is the kind that consumes your body when you’re physically together or apart. Even when you aren’t in the act, the simple gaze of this man sends you butterflies to your lower region as well as ignites a fire in the pit of your otherwise fulfilled soul. Im talking about the kind of passion that you cant get enough of. The intensity is undeniable. Your connection and chemistry is so strong that you cant think, you cant be rational, all you can do is think of his or her body on yours, the way he feels on top of you, the way he knows exactly where to touch or kiss, the way he knows exactly what you want, when you want it. All you can think of is the fire that ignites in you when you are consumed with each other. Being with each other is an escape from reality, it is a place where you can be you and absolutely lose control. You can give in to all of the desires you crave that no one else has been able to bring out in you. You have a craving for this person, to want, to touch, to feel, to taste.

Can this passion form from simply being attracted to a being? What does it take to find the kind of person that brings this out of you? How is it possible that two men and women can be attracted to each other so intensely and then when they get down to business, the sex is just that, sex? Horrible, boring and chore like sex. Should you seek that person that sets your soul on fire? Or should you seek that person that is comfortable and predictable?

Im not saying that the passionate fire that you might feel from what could be a complete stranger or someone you’ve known all your life is a sign that you might be soul mates or meant to be together forever. This relationship probably and might never actually become anything more than just a sexual escapade, as fires tend to be put out eventually. But that fire, passion and desire is undeniable and addicting. How often in a lifetime do you find this kind of person that releases this animal in you? How often do you find this person that has the same internal flame for you that you do for them? Do you take the experience or let it pass? I don’t have an answer to that as I see it more as a spiritual question but I do have experience enough to know that that type of flame is hard to find, and hard to fight. This person can be the person you’ve always desired or someone you don’t see a future with ever. One thing is for sure, that fire that builds in your soul and consumes your body is incomparable to anything else and someone once told me that the average day is something that later on in your life you forget, but those instances that are out of the ordinary are the ones that you never forget. 

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