Ballerific Relationships: What They Don’t Tell You About Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful thing but with marriage comes other circumstances that you don’t know about until you have said, “I Do.” Although many may feel that they know everything there is to know about their spouse, there are still certain things that you’ll learn about each other as time goes on. 

Sex Is Not An Everyday Task- If you are getting sex every day, kudos to you. Married couples assume they will be knocking the boots every chance they get, but once kids and a career come into play, it’s not as often as you would like. Some days you become too tired and want to relax. It doesn’t have to be every day but make time for one another. Don’t lose that spark you once had. 

Trust Will Be Tested- Nowadays, a ring doesn’t stop people from trying to holler at you or better yet, throw it at you. Although you will be continuously tested, you have to have the willpower to do what’s right. Remember why you got married. Is this person worth losing it all? Now, there’s nothing wrong with looking but make sure you keep it at just that. Look but don’t touch! 

Finances will make or break your household- Many may not believe that this is a deal breaker in a marriage, but it is. Talk to one another about finances and plans for the future. You have to plan your moves together. If the two of you are planning to buy a home, car, or go on vacation, talk to each other about it. Don’t make decisions without discussing it with one another. You are a team, and you have to work together. 

Some Days You Won’t Like Each Other- Believe it or not, married people don’t like each other sometimes. You will have disagreements, and you just won’t feel like being bothered. 

Some People Just Don’t Know How To Be Married- If you grew up in a single home, chances are you don’t know what marriage entails. You haven’t had the opportunity to see a successful marriage, so when it’s finally your turn, you don’t have a clue on what to do. Understand that marriage is going to be an experience for the both of you. Don’t give up as soon as things get hard. Work together to make it through the tough times. Marriage is NOT a social media circus. It’s going to take a lot of work.

Everyone Wasn’t Brought Up The Same- Once the two of you begin having children, you will see that the two of you will have your share of differences on how they should be raised. Don’t let this draw a wedge between the two of you. Compromise as much as possible. 

Both Parties Have To Be Willing To Make Sacrifices- A marriage should never be one-sided. You have to be willing to give and take. Understand that everything isn’t going to go the way you want them to and that’s okay. For example, let’s say that your spouse has the opportunity to further their career, but you have to move to another state. You may not want to leave your job, family, or friends but understand that this will be a journey for both of you. Keep the communication open, be supportive, and be sure that you are there for one another. 

Space is healthy- There is nothing wrong with space in a marriage. Space doesn’t mean leaving the house for days at a time because you are frustrated or upset. It means giving each other time to  get their mind right. Now it’s okay to take separate vacations to relax with your friends. Once you return back home, things will become relaxed because you both took the time for self. 

Marriage is no walk in the park. You have to be willing to work through situations with each other and not quit as soon as issues surface. Communicate as much as possible to ensure you are both on the same page. 

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